Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 294 - Divine Intervention

I went down to Bethel Atlanta because I really wanted to hear Randall Worley teach. He is one of the most anointed teachers that I know and I knew it would be good. Well, I’ll have to wait for school tomorrow night to hear him teach. But that’s OK, because the Holy Spirit had other plans and instead of hearing him teach, worship was so good and so prophetic that He wound up sharing prophetically. It was an amazing experience. The unity of corporate worship and the level of what God is doing at Bethel Atlanta and through out the city is overwhelming. Randall had words for the church and we were going after breakthrough both corporately and individually. God was speaking to me even more about moving into new seasons as Randall spoke about that. I know that this is a season of transition. I know in part what I am transitioning out of, but I even think that there is more to that. The question is what am I transitioning into? How does that look five or ten years from now, let alone next week. A lot of questions, and not many answers.

One of the first year students, Trevor, went to lunch with me down in Little Five Points. We ate at a Mexican place and it was pretty good. Then we met everybody for outreach. That was fun. I’m beginning to really like and have a heart for L5P. We spent the day sort of hanging out and talking to people. We were passing out balloons to a few people with prophetic words on them. A couple of our groups were talking with a couple of homeless guys playing their guitars trying to get some money. They got to pray for one of them and the pain in his knee went away. When we first started going down, we were asking the Lord to grant us favor with the area and it seems that we are beginning to see that favor. I was really expecting it to be wilder there than usual since it is Halloween, but in fact it was quieter. That could be because there were parties last night and I’m sure there were parties tonight.

There was one guy dressed up with horns and makeup. He was down on the main drag. I went up to him with a balloon in the shape of a heart and said “He needed some love”. He looked at me almost frightened and said that he didn’t. Then he vanished. We were out there for almost two hours and I never saw him again. It’s almost like he couldn’t stay as long as we were there. Too bad, because he really did need love. So the outreach really was a success today. It’s been so much more fun than what I did last year. We have a good team and we are all on the same page.

So tonight at work was easy and I’m home early enough to get a good night’s sleep before I get up for work tomorrow morning. So even though it has been a full day, it has really been an easy one. You know that to run the race we are called to run really takes a heart after Christ, a big heart. Secratariat had a big heart, that’s why he was able to win the Triple Crown. We are called to not only run, but to win. We fight from a place of Victory. We have already won, so we need to fight like it. Run to win, because we do. Don’t worry about the pace, just ask Papa tp expand your heart. He will give you His in exchange. We will run, and we do win!

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