Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 275 - Releasing Heaven's Roar

I’ll try to go back and piece together what happened last night at school. I’m sorry that I couldn’t finish last night, but I found myself going to sleep in mid sentence.

Last night after worship, second year went down stairs while first year stayed upstairs in the main room. Scott shared on the value of impartation and the difference between anointing and a mantle. He talked about the impartation that we had received in Australia and that how the more hunger you had, the more you received from impartation. He then had Lacey, Jason and myself join him and pray for all the students to receive everything that we had received. Well, we have a hungry bunch of students and pretty soon the Holy Spirit was moving as we prayed and gave out prophetic words to those we prayed for. Things were going pretty well and personally I was happy with all that God seemed to be doing when Scott came to me and gave me the microphone. He told me to release what I had birthed in Australia. My initial thought was how do I do that? But I began to pray the same thing that Nuno had initially prayed over me: “Use the tools! Use the tools! I’ve given you the tools, all you need, now use them!” I prayed that Destinies would be birthed as we prayed. As I began to speak that it seemed that Holy Spirit kicked into another gear and more and more people seemed to begin to press in deeper for more of God. Then Scott put his iPhone up to the mike. He had videoed me when I was being prayed for and you could hear me roaring in travail as Nuno was praying.

Then I took back the mike and explained that I was going to release a roar in the Spirit and the Lion of Judah was going to move on those who wanted more. So, as I roared over the microphone it was like a whirlwind entered the place. I can’t tell you what went on. All I can say id that God showed up in power and when that happens, no one is the same. We continued to stir up and fan the flame in people’s hearts. People were all over the room in all kinds of disarray. It was totally wild, and if you didn’t understand what was going on, you would probably have been scared to death. People were manifesting in so many different ways. This went on for over an hour. I think we started praying the first time around 8PM, maybe earlier because we didn’t have a break.

It must have been about 8:45 when I looked up and there were 8 students facing each other with their hands touching like a bridge. I was pretty wiped out and I thought to myself, wow a fire tunnel. It looks like London Bridge. So I just walked through. The anointing was very strong. Other people lined up behind me and all of a sudden we had a real fire tunnel. It was probably one of the most powerful experiences that I have had and the more people who joined in, the more powerful it became. It kept on going and getting stronger. Probably around 9:15, the first year students came down and started joining in. The presence of God was so strong that people just kept pressing in. I think that I left the building around 10:40. Normally school gets out at 9:30. Nothing like this ever happened last year. I can’t explain what happened except to say that Papa wanted to download something special to us and we were hungry enough to receive it.
So, I have been hoarse all day. I told the class tonight that whenever I roar, it is because I feel the jealousy of God over a situation. Last night He was jealous for our hearts, and I believe He got them all. School tonight was good, but back to a more natural supernatural. I am just so blessed to be able to have been a part of this week. Luckily I am off tomorrow and then work Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday.

As for me, I have to accept what was birthed in Australia because it is totally going to change everything as it comes to pass. I have had a new ministry on my heart, asking Papa if I was supposed to start it. At first all I got was the name. But I am getting a clearer picture of how it would work and what we would do. So, I think that this year will be preparation and training to start “A Company of Fathers”. We would travel around the world teaching on Identity and the Goodness of God. Each of us would be trained in Sozo as well as the prophetic. I’m asking God to show me how to use some of the Sozo tools in a mass setting. That way we could set more people free and then deal with the harder cases individually. I believe He will download all the information that I need. Grand plans! It’s obviously much bigger than I could ever accomplish. That’s why it is probably His idea. He will have to accomplish it. Nuno said that I was birthing a movement. He said that I would be the Father of a movement. He had no idea what He was saying, but Papa did.

Now having put this out on the internet for the world to see, let me say this. Only God can do something like this, not me. I also could be totally wrong. Only time will tell. But I have declared it, and spoken it out. After all, words do make worlds, so who knows. Well, He does.

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