Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 274 - Prophetic Words

It’s after midnight and I am just starting to write this. Not good, since I got up at 3AM this morning and have been going ever since. Oh well, at least I’m off tomorrow. My plan for tonight’s blog was to continue the story from last night. Maybe I will be able to pick it up tomorrow, but tonight’s plan was changed by the Holy Spirit at school. I need to write about what happened tonight. It is too important to pass it by.

School started out like normal. First and second year were together for worship and that was good. During the worship someone prayed for me and then spoke over me prophetically. They said that on 10/10/10 a door was closed to the past and that the pain and suffering was over. They went on to say that there was a new path and destiny that had opened up and I was to press into all that God had for me. They said that I should get ready for new things and the anointing on my like and ministry was increasing. It was a good word, and it really made me listen up because it was almost just like another word that Peter had emailed me while I was in Australia. Peter said that he saw me in front of a big dark black wall (representing Julia’s death). My path that I had been traveling on stopped at that wall and I was stuck there. But God had made a crack in that wall and I could see the light. But I couldn’t open the crack big enough to go through with out help from someone else. But when I did open the door in the wall, my path went in a totally unexpected direction. With both these words together, I believe that I did come to the wall, and had made a crack. I believe that when I was being prayed for and “birthing” something in the spirit, that Nuno was helping me open that door. Now I am just waiting to see where my path goes, and I can already tell that it is going places that I haven’t been before.

Both of these words ring true in my Spirit. This is what I believe happened. When Julia died, my path for the future was stopped. It was stopped by her death because it was totally tied to her. We were one, and we had a destiny that was being fulfilled. So for months I have been seeking my new destiny,, but still looking straight ahead, walking where we were walking and thinking that I would just fulfill it without her. But in Australia ,when Nuno prayer for me, my new destiny in the Spirit was birthed. That is what was going on with me that was so powerful. Nuno is the one who helps me open the crack into a door in Peter’s word. That new door is what I walked through and then was sealed on 10/10/10. Now I am free to be blown by the wind to find my destiny, wherever it will be. So tonight I went after it. I know that I am different. Like I said, I sensed that difference since I got back from Australia. Now all I have to do is to be wise enough to know that, and dumb enough to know that God in Australia has his on methods. I’ll finish this tomorrow. I cann’t think straight right now

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