Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 288 - Mission Statement

I’m sitting here in my rocking chair. It’s already after 11PM, but I don’t have to work until 1PM tomorrow afternoon so I will be able to sleep a little later tomorrow morning. The past two days have been busy but good. I was off work both Sunday and today. With the early finish on Sat morning and the late period tomorrow, that’s the longest I have been of since I got back from Australia. Yesterday was really busy with church, outreach at Little Five Points and then a training class for our Night of Healing Prayer. I left the house at 10:30 and didn’t come back until about 9. A long day considering I was “off”.

Today was better. I got up about 8:30 and read for a couple of hours. I have a book report due next Monday night at school and I’m almost through with the book. Then I got a good run in before I went down to the mall to start Christmas Shopping for the Granddaughters before I went to class tonight. Tonight’s class was very interesting. We watched a short video of Danny Silk talking about life mission statements. The bottom line was if you don’t know your mission you will say yes to anything and never accomplish anything. However if you look toward your 90th birthday and plan your life’s mission that you want to have accomplished at that point, then you will know what to say yes to and what to say no to as life happens around you.

We were then given a sheet with three groups of words. The sheet was filled on both sides. We had to pick ten verbs from the list and narrow them down to three. Then we picked five service words and narrowed them down to two. Then we picked three names of who we were going after and narrowed it down to one. Then using the words we picked, we started a sentence. “My mission in life is to (verb) (verb) and (verb) (subject) by (service) and (service). It’s amazing how it all comes together. Here is the Mission Statement that I cam up with. “My mission in life is to reconcile, restore and empower the next generation through exhortation and deliverance.” I was amazed at how I came up with that. Danny Silk is one of the smartest counselors that I know. Anyway that fits well within my vision of “A Company of Fathers”. Can’t you see it, dream with me for a minute: men and women going to cities all over the world. Their only agenda is to teach identity and share the goodness of God and His Father heart to this fatherless generation. Then we connect them to the trinity: Jesus, Papa and Holy Spirit, so they can hear and learn for themselves. All it would take is a few, at first, men and women willing to give themselves away to the next generation. Some who would be willing to travel and give up a life of “retirement” to see the Kingdom of God advanced. This really can be done in my lifetime.

I’ve never been one to want to live long; I just want to live well. However last week our guest speaker was declaring over me “30 more years”. He even had me repeat the declaration. I want 30 more years, only if they can be productive years. So I am going after Divine health and 30 more years of full ministry. When I can be productive, I want to go on home. But 30 years would be nice. I remember the chorus of a song that I heard as a child. I think it was an opera that dad had the record. “Desert Song” I believe was the name of it. The chorus went like this: ‘Give me some men who are stout hearted men who will fight for the rights they adore.” It went on, “shoulder to shoulder, bolder and bolder”. I really can’t remember the rest, but that’s what I believe God wants to raise up. Men and women who know the Goodness of God and want to share that with the next generation, to empower them to run farther and faster than we were ever able to run. This is something that I could give 30 years to and not even know that they had passed by.

So I guess Danny Silk stirred me up once again. He always does. How does all this work out? I don’t know right now, but if I continue to press into it, I’m sure that Papa will show me how. After all, it’s His heart too.

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