Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 269 - Finishing Strong

This post is for Wednesday Oct 6th USA. We spent the morning body surfing again. Today the waves were much rougher, and we really didn’t get but one or two good rides. The rest of the time we were just getting beat up by the waves. We were then picked up by pastor Nuno and take to his house for lunch. It was a great time, and we really didn’t want to leave, but we had promised to do a sozo on pastor Jim that afternoon. I was first and Scott was second. Once again Holy Spirit showed up in power and we were so blessed by all that He accomplished through us. That took about 2 hours and then it was time to drive back to Brisbane for the evening meeting.

Our meeting was with the young adult group from Nexus church. There were also some of the youth leaders from camp coming as well as young adults from Kenmore Baptist and the COC church. All in all, we expected a group of around 150. We really wanted to release something that would jump-start them into the next level. Scott pulled us together after we had had sandwitches with the leadership team to discuss whart we would do tonight. It was decided that he would share a vision that he had at a Jesus Culture worship event. It was about a big monster that controlled all who focused their gaze on it. There were keys to bring it down and Jason, myself and Lacey were all going to get to share those keys.

It was a great talk and Holy Spirit was evident as we spoke. We then ended with probably the most powerful fire tunnel and time of impartation that we had seen during this whole trip. This was really encouraging, because before we started and ecen before we met to talk about what we were doing, you could sense that we were all very tired. This was our 12th meeting in 9 days. I know that Scott was very tired, but we all were. When you add all the personal ministry and sozos we had been very busy. So it was a great joy to see Holy Spirit kick in once again when we were running on empty. The meeting went on until almost 11. We hsd to catch a shuttle to the airport at 4:30.

One thing that I didn’t mention was that T was able to join us. He came in in a suit and tie from meeting with Government officials all day. We blasted him during worship and then he joined in with us during the prayer tunnel. We have found a new friend. He is just so genuine and so hungry for all that God is doing. He wanted to go out with us after the meeting so we all went to a pancake place. The feeling was that we may as well be pretty tired when we got on the plane so we could sleep. All of our luggage was in the back of Jim’s truck so we had to put it all in the cab when we got to where we were going to eat.. Obviously we didn’t want to leave the luggage where it would be stolen. We had a great time of fellowship until about 12:30 and then we figured we had better get a couple of hours sleep. We went out to the truck, but it was pouring down rain, harder than I had seen it rain since we had been in Australia.

We all got into T’s BMW and Jim took the luggage in the truck. We were on our way to the hotel, or so we thought. The streets were flooded in many areas. All of a sudden we hit very deep water that rushed all over the hood of the car. The engine died and we were stuck. Not good! Trucks, bib trucks were whizzing by us throwing waves of water over the car. It was an interesting time. Jim got soaking wet trying to find a towing point to tow us to higher ground. We got out and tried to push. Hi tech cars are great until they die. There is no key to start the car. There is no way to put it in neutral and push it. We were just stuck. After about an hour the wrecker came. Jim had taken our luggage to the hotel, and unloaded it all. He then came and we all got in his truck. We got tot the hotel at 3AM and we had to get the van at 4:30. So it has been a long night. I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping on the plane.

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