Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 268 - Body Surfing on the Gold Coast

This post is for Tuesday Oct 5th USA. It’s late, or early depending on your point of view and time zone. Here on the Gold Coast it’s a little after midnight and I. just starting this post. It probably will not be posted until tomorrow because there is still no Internet access here on the 66th floor. So I’ll post this tomorrow morning when I go down for coffee. Anyway, today was a very good day. We didn’t have to travel very far for the meeting, but more on that later. I slept in until about 8AM and then went down for coffee and to check the Internet at the coffee shop across the street. I was able to call the girls and read all my emails and post my blog. Then I came back and met everyone else for breakfast. Before breakfast we all went down to check out the spa. We all signed up for massages during the day and then we went to breakfast. After breakfast, it was after 11AM, Scott and I went to the beach while Jason went for his massage and Lacey went shopping.

Scott and I went body surfing in the ocean. The water temperature had to be no higher than the mid 60’s. But once you got used to it, it was OK. The waves were very high and rough. We were able to get a number of good rides, but we got beat up a little too. After about 40 minutes we were wiped out. It was fun, and I felt the word from the Lord was that we were going to be riding waves of the Spirit tonight.
After we got back to the apartment, I read a while and then went to get my massage.

The spa was very nice. I got there early and soaked in the hot mineral water for about 30 minutes and then had a great hour-long massage. It was a nice relaxing experience. While I was just chilling out in the mineral water, I felt an expectation for the meeting tonight. It was a church named Revolution Church and they had really been having a lot of great things happening to them. I knew nothing about the pastor, but I had heard that he was a radical and that the church was “crazy”. It sounded like it was going to be fun.

I don’t even know where to start telling about the service tonight. The pastor’s name is Nuno. I’m not sure about my spelling. He is from Toronto Canada and was at the Toronto Christian Fellowship before coming to Australia. He was telling us about all that God had been doing for the past few weeks. Last week they had had Stacey Campbell. Stacey and Wes Campbell are well known through out most of Canada and the US for their ministry, especially in most charismatic churches, I remember them from years ago, and I know the anointing that they carry.

When we got to the church, it reminded me a lot of NE Metro, the church that Julia and I went to for five years before we came to RiverStone. I could sense that radical, wild edge that we carried then. We walked into the back room to find the worship band wasted in the Spirit. We immediately started praying for them and we began to be drawn into the strong presence of God as well. It was then that Nuno grabbed my hands and told me to “use the tools”. He kept saying that over and over. He said that I had all the toold, just to use them. All of a sudden, I was totally lost in the spirit. I found myself down on the floor, roaring as Nuno was over me, More things happened that I will write about here, but I knew that something had shifted in the Spirit. The flavor of all that happened to me was a flavor that I hadn’t tasted since Toronto in the 90’s. When he was praying for me it was like the old days when Carol Arnott prayed for me. It was so powerful and so impacting. One thing he did say at the end as we just bear hugged each other in the Spirit. He said, “You can’t go back”. I’m still sorting that one out. I know that there was a big shift, but what is it that I can’t go back to, and why would I even want to go back anyway. That’show the night started for me. We ministered until after 10:30 and then hung out until after 11PM. It was an awesome night as we bodysurfed in the Spirit. Tonight was the night that I came to Australia for. Now all I need to do is unpack everything that happened.

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