Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 270 - Ground Hog Day

I’m typing this at 35000 feet over the pacific sitting in Business Class. Praise God, He knew that I have to work on Sat morning and really needed to sleep. This is my first Friday blog. I’ll do another one at home, hopefully sitting in my rocking chair. I don’t know how long I can type. This battery is really going bad and tends to quit suddenly. I still have to get on the plane in LA to make it to Atlanta. Hopefully that will go well. I’ve been able to sleep. After I had dinner I slept almost 7 hours. Business Class is a lot better than it used to be. The seats lay flat out now, so you can really sleep pretty well. I watched Knight and Day with Tom Cruise. I will probably watch another movie when this computer dies. Which is now. Maybe I’ll type some on my iPhone. Well my computer did die but I'm finishing it on my iPhone. It's been 15 hours since we got the airport shuttle in Brisbane and we only have about 9,5 hours until we land in Atlanta.

It's been a great trip. Lacey said that we were involved in more ministry on this trip than any second year student got all last year. As I look back, God really put this team together. We all worked so well together and never had any issues.

Looking back I was involved in two schedules sozos and I don't know bow many mini sozos. A couple of them were actually Shabars with totally fractured people. We were prophesying to almost everybody we met and then in almost every meeting. Then praying for healing and other needs almost constantly. But as much fun as ministry was, probably the most important thing was the connections that we made. Jim, Nuno, Grant, and T are just a few. I know that I will definitely be going back. This is not a one-time deal. There are too many connections.

I'm still processing all that has happened and all that I felt Holy Spirit say. I'll write about when I unpack it more. I do know that I will be traveling as much as I can, my focus seems to be shifting and how that looks I'm not sure

When we were walking on the beach the other day, Scott asked me if I thought if I would ever remarry. It is a good question and I gave him the best answer that I could. I don't know. I do know that I'm not even thinking about that right now. I really want to keep my life as simple and as free as possible. Right now I would say no, but I don't know all God has for me in the future. One thing I do know: if I were to remarry it would have to be to someone with the same passion for ministry and same passions as I have. That's going to really limit the field. I'm definitely not looking now and I don't see any change in the horizon. I'm having too much fun the way things are. I know that many men really need a wife. They are helpless without one. That's not me. God has allowed me to adjust to being single very nicely. So for now, things are fine. I’ll just have to see what God does in the future. I’ve learned never to say never and never to say always. Change is always inevitable.

Well it's time for a nap or maybe a movie. Hopefully the next time I write I'll be in Atlanta. It will be good to be home.

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