Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 285 - Releasing Destiny

This was a good day. I started out giving an “oral” to two girls who we are training at Delta. An oral is an oral exam testing their systems knowledge of the airplane. It is standard in pilot checkouts, or at least it used to be. For real Delta pilots, they now take a computerized test on systems. If they pass that, then they move on to the simulator training. These girls, who are not Delta pilots, are being trained under an older FAA regulation that requires the oral. In order to give an oral or a rating ride, you have to be certified by the FAA to do it. That means you have to be signed off as proficient. That was what was happening to me today. Later in the month I will be signed off to give their check ride in the simulator. Giving oral exams is nothing new to me, I do it every day almost in our recurrent (yearly) check. But that oral is very short. This one is comprehensive and should take between an hour and a half and two hours. That’s a lot of talking and a lot of questions. Anyway, I did two of them today and they both went well.

Both the girls are 23 and have been flying since college. They have around 2000 hours and their dream is to fly with an airline like Delta. Maybe I’m just too old, or maybe I have seen too much, but I don’t think that I would have that dream anymore. It’s probably because I have seen the “good ole days” and things in the industry have changed so much. But today I was looking through their eyes. Their heart’s desire is to fly; to fly and actually get paid for it. They know the negatives, but it doesn’t mater to them right now. They just want to fly. They don’t look at flying as work, but a privilege to be able to take a plane up in the sky and do something that still very few people will ever be able to do. So, they had my vote, I was pulling for them, praying for them to do good as I asked them the questions. I didn’t pull any punches; I didn’t have to. They were both well prepared and ready for any question that I might ask them. You could just see the passion in their eyes and the dreams in their hearts

Tonight we had a sozo team meeting at RiverStone. I was so proud of Ben, Kerry, Mike and Tonya. They have taken hold of the leadership of the ministry and are doing a great job. I felt like a proud Papa watching them lead. I know that Julia was watching as well. It’s interesting to watch them work together. Both couples are so strong, and both have such different gift sets. I’m sure that sometimes they probably don’t see eye to eye. But they lead with honor. They honor each other and so it works. I think the best legacy that Julia and I gave the Sozo team was developing a culture of Honor. I think that we learned it by ministering with and being so close to John and Biddie. We learned that even when we disagreed about something we could still release honor and love. So it got to be a joke that if I went one way, John would go the other, or vice-a-versa. Anyway, we learned that it was OK to disagree as long as we still loved. That’s a very good lesson that we all need to learn.

We had Sheryl Geddis come to talk about sozoing children and so Lacey came with her. It was great because we all got together to have dinner before the meeting. At the meeting Sheryl’s teaching was awesome! She gave a lot of good principals and generated a lot of thought. There were tons of questions. Then Lacey and I got to talk a little about our experience in Australia and then I talked about my favorite current topic: Stepping into your destiny with God. It’s all about faith. Faith that you hear God, and that if you are seeking after Him then your thoughts are His thoughts. So follow your heart and step into destiny. If you are seeking Him, then your heart is in rhythm with His heart, so your dreams must be His dreams. Don’t let the enemy derail you. Press into all that God has for you. That is what I am saying to everyone right now. That is what I am trying to do.

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