Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 263 - Come Holy Spirit

This blog is for Thursday September 30 in the USA. Of course it is Friday night here in Brisbane and we have just finished the third and final complete day of the camp. It was a day in which things didn’t really go as planned because the Hloy Spirit came in so much power that the regular plans were short-circuited. At the morning session, we were going to do words of knowledge and healing activation but laughter broke out so strong that the whole tent became an uncontrollable pit of kids all over the floor laughing herstircally. If you have never seen this before it can be sort of disconsorting. However if you have seen this before, you know how God can use it and so you just roll with it. It was a very powerful morning. Kids were getting set free in the spirit through the laughter.

But as we all know, the stronger the presence of Holy Spirit, the more stirred up the demonic influence gets and the more demonic manifestations appear. Lacy and I prayed for at least two girls who were manifesting pretty badly. I wound up doing mini sozos on them with Lacy’s help and they both were set free. It’s always a good feeling to see people getting set free, especially when they ar just kids. We were just finishing them up and getting ready for lunch when Scott came to me with another problem. There was a youn man who needed and wanted major deliverance and Scott had been working with Him, but couldn’t get any farther with him. Scott asked me if I would do a full Sozo with him. I would have Jason as my second. Jason had had the sozo AMT last year, but had never been involved in any sozo’s. I really wanted to schedule it for tomorrow, but after talking with him, I decided that it needed to be done today. So we found a room and started.

Two hours later, the sozo was over and the guy was set free from some major addictions. We were blessed to be a part of it. Holy Spirit just orchestrated everything perfectly and we were able to be a part of it. We have a saying that some sozos are “home runs” while some barely get the person to “first base”. Well this one today was a “home run”. I always thank the Holy Sprit for letting me get involved. But I was really tired when I finished the sozos. We went to get some lunch, but I really wasn’t hungry. Jason got some food and we took it back to the house. We did get some rest while watching Iron Man 3 down in the theatre.

Tonight Scott was going to speak and then we were going to end with a prayer tunnel. But Holy Spirit had other ideas and right after worship we wound doing the fire tunnel. Once again there was a need for all types of ministry. Once again we had to deal with laughter and the demonic that was stirred up by the laughter. I think that I should be comfortable doing this by now, but I am not. Every time it’s like a different thing, so you can never deal with it the same way that you ministered with before. Well, I worked with two different kids and saw freedom. I am so tired tonight. I know that this blog is short, but it’s hard to get a straight sentence together without falling asleep.

So, the camp ends tomorrow, but our trip doesn’t end until next Friday the 8th of October. In the mean time, we have other meetings to go to, especially the three church. It’s hard to believe there will be three services. So I’m signing off now. Tomorrow will be here before you know it.

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