Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 272 - Moving in His Presence

I’ve had a good first day back. I woke up this morning feeling very good. Right now there don’t seem to be any lingering effects from the time zone changes. I seem to be adjusting back to Eastern Time pretty well. I was at work around 8:45 and finished by 2:15. I am so grateful to have the job that I have. It provides the income that I need to help supplement my retirement. But at the same token, I wish that I didn’t have to work tomorrow. It would be so much fun to be able to go to church. Well, that’s the price I paid for all the time off for Australia. Hopefully I will get to cut the days down next month. But for now, I work tomorrow morning at 9AM and then an early get up on Monday morning.

Ga. Tech one today, and I am really trying hard to get excited about football this year. I was able to watch part of the game and I taped the rest. There was no football in Australia. Well, I take that back. Soccer is their football and even though I played Soccer in High School, It’s not too exciting to watch. Rugby on the other hand; now that’s a game. As I learned some more of the rules I began to really get into the game as a spectator. I could enjoy watching that. I might have to see whether DIRECTV has any packages to watch during the season.

I’ve been on enough mission trips to know that there is always a culture shock and reintegration when you come back. I expect that. However this time it feels totally different. It’s not like the culture was so different. I don’t feel like I need any reintegration. But I’m sure I do. What is reality? Ministering in 12 meetings in 9 days watching Holy Spirit move in power or going back to work and then watching football. I guess they are both real and each has it’s place. But my heart is longing for the tangible presence of God like I saw last week. I guess it’s true: I really am a “presence junkie”. Well, if I’m going to be addicted to anything, I’m glad it’s the Holy Spirit.

I have outreach tomorrow afternoon down in Little Five Points. That is my home ground and I am claiming it back for the Kingdom of God. I have the title deed and authority in the Spirit to call forth the Kingdom of God in that area. This is the beginning of an assault by the Kingdom of God against the gates of hell in this area. It’s going to be a fun year. School is in session on Monday and Tuesday so it should be a good week. I have homework to finish, but that should be no problem.

Tonight I went over to Bud and Cathy’s for dinner. It was a great time of fellowship and we were able to spend some time in prayer. I rode the Harley over and back. It was the first time that I have ridden it that far and the first time I have ridden it to someone’s house. It was also the first time that I have ever ridden a motorcycle at night. I felt at ease while I was riding it. Any apprehension that I had had before I went to Australia was gone. It felt natural and right to be riding it. Something has changed. I don’t mean it just because of the way I felt riding, but that is a result of the change. No, something has changed in me, in the Spirit. It is like I am an arrow that has been shot. I’m flying straight and true, with lots of power. I have been shot out of my Master’s bow. Right now it’s too soon to see the target, but I know that I am on track to hit the target. I’m flying straight and true. It is a good thing and I don’t have to know all the details. I just have to be obedient and fly straight.

I don’t really mean to sound mystical, but I really have a hard time defining the change. I know that it is there, but things on the outside look the same. Maybe as I press into more of Him, it will be revealed. Right now all I know is that I have changed and it is good. Hopefully in the future it will become self-evident what the changes are. But until then, I just have to know that I am in His will, and pressing into even more of Him.

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