Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 281 - A New Week

I had a lot of plans for today. My main plan was to get the tag for my Harley and to get a run in before school. I got those done, but nothing else. I have learned to listen to my body and even though I probably abuse it with the hours that I sleep, I do know when to slow down and take it esay. Today was one of those days. I went to bed at 10PM last night and knew that I really wanted to get some good rest. I woke up at around 6:30, but I felt that I still needed more sleep. So, I just turned over. The next thing that I knew was that it was after 10AM. I had slept over 12 hours and I woke up feeling great. The only bad thing about it was that I wasn’t going to be able to get all the things that I wanted to do accomplished. That was OK, deep down I knew that I really needed the sleep that I had just gotten.

So, it was a beautiful day and after I had my shower I got on the Harley and drove over to the Paulding County Government complex outside of Dallas. It’s probably between 15 and 20 miles from the house, so that made it officially the longest ride that I have taken to date. I got my tag and them came back towards home. I detoured of the path to go show the bike to John and Biddie. That was fun, and John had the screws I needed to get the tag on. Then I was able to go home and take a run. It was such a beautiful day. The run was fun although not long enough. But that was all the time that I had. It was time to get ready for school. I did get to Costco and get gas. A quick trip to Starbucks and then I met Brad to ride together.

Tonight was really good as usual. It’s always good to have a guest speaker. I got prayer from Paul and he was declaring 30 more years of having fun riding on the edge over me. I receive that. I want to be on the edge in the Spirit. We talked about the false line that we draw separating the natural from supernatural. For example if we cut ourselves deeply and go to the Doctor, He will clean the wound and stitch it up. It might take multi layer stitching. But what the stitching does is it brings the wound together so the body can begin the healing process. The body heals itself “naturally” because that iw the way God made our bodies.

But what about the man whose leg was amputated years ago and then he is prayed for. Since then the leg has grown 6 inches and now a kneecap is beginning to form (true story!) We call that supernatural, but the body is healing itself just like the person with a cut. Which is natural and which is supernatural. They are both using the same bodily process. Why do we divide them? A cut healing is really as supernatural as a leg growing out. They both take the power of God. It’s just that we see one of them more than the other. Anyway, that was just one of the things we were talking about tonight. It is really good food for thought.

Well, that’s my day as I start a new week. I’m glad I got all the sleep, because I’ll only get about three and half hours tonight. I have an early morning sim period. So I guess it’s good night.

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