Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 292 - Riding in Traffic

I got all of my homework for the month complete! That’s a good thing. It probably took me a couple of hours, maybe more to get it all done. I had done all the reading, but I had to answer questions on the Bible reading, and do my book report. So it’s complete and sent off to be graded. Now I can go to school Monday night and not have to worry. So that was the big project for my day. I did sleep in this morning until about 9AM, and I do feel much more relaxed and rested today than I did last night.

Looking back on yesterday, I feel like the week had just caught up with me. I hadn’t felt that tired in a long time. But I am much better today and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow is October 30th. The big question in my mind is: when are the kids going “trick or treating”. It’s hard to know this year because Halloween comes on a Sunday night. In years past, people would go on Saturday. But now they might do both. At any rate, I don’t plan to be at home. I don’t do Halloween and I’m not starting now. So Bud and I are going to a movie tomorrow night. I’ll be working on Sunday night, so I don’t have to worry about it then.

I guess the highlight of my day (not counting tonight) was my ride down to Town Center and then having lunch with Jason. Jason and I went to Australia together, and we wanted to stay connected. It worked out that he was up in the area with work, so we decided to meet for lunch over on Barrett Parkwy. I had wanted to ride the Harley today, so I decided to ride it down to the mall. It’s about 17 miles down, but the big thing is the traffic. I haven’t ridden in that much traffic before, so I knew that the ride would be a challenge. Well, it was a beautiful, sunny day. It was still pretty cold though. I think it was in the low forties when I started and then in the low fifties when I finished. The wind chill makes it feel much colder. But I was determined to get my ride in and this seemed like the only opportunity for the weekend. It was a good ride, and I did some things that I would have found very hard a few weeks ago. I can tell that I am growing used to the bike because some of the things are coming more natural. The traffic, while pretty heavy, wasn’t as big of an issue as I thought. If everyone had been driving much faster then it would have been a bigger problem. The only thing that I didn’t get to do today was to get a run in. I was just to busy finishing the homework and going to lunch.

Tonight I finished the day with a Sozo. First Bud and I went to have a bowl of chicken soup at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Then we went to the church for Sozo. It was interesting tonight. I was giving a sozo to a “psycho-analyst”. He heard about sozo from one of his patients. At first I was almost intimidated, but I realized that Papa had him here for a purpose. It was a great night and he gained much freedom. It is so much fun to see God move in peoples lives. Anyway, that’s my day off in a nutshell. I’m very refreshed and ready for tomorrow. I think I’ll watch a little TV before I have to go to bed.

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