Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 271 - Journey Complete

This is the third blog that I have posted today. The others were written earlier, but I couldn’t post them until I got home.

Well, I’m sitting in my favorite place to write, listening to my still favorite album to write by. I’m home after fourteen days in Australia. It was an unbelievable trip as I have already said. I just can’t believe it’s over. As I look back on today’s journey, it is pretty evident that my guardian Angel was watching out for me. First, I still am shocked that I got business class on the leg from Sydney, but what is even more shocking is that I even got on the first flight to Atlanta. I got the last seat, and it didn’t look like I should have gotten that one either. But things went very smoothly and I landed about 3PM. All in all it took about 24 hours from the time we got to the Brisbane airport to getting off the plane in Atlanta.

With all that happened the day before, I haven’t been in a real bed in about 60 hours straight. I did sleep well on the plane, but that doesn’t count. So it’s about 9:30. I will probably go to bed as soon as I finish this blog and get it posted. I’ve got a load of clothes in the dryer and I’ve checked all the mail. The house is fine, and I will get to the bills this weekend.

When Julia and I bought this house almost 6 years ago, we were downsizing significantly. We did it for two reasons. First, after what Delta did to our retirement in their bankruptcy we really couldn’t afford to keep it for the long term. But just as important was the fact that we wanted less responsibility in upkeep. Specifically, I didn’t want all the yard work that the other house required. But it required a lot of other time for upkeep in different areas as well. We looked at this house as a temporary stop. We had no idea what was going to happen to the housing market. But we both felt that we didn’t need a big house in Atlanta. We both felt that God showed us that Atlanta was going to be a “home base”. A place to come rest between travels. Obviously we thought it was because both girls and the grandkids were living out of town. Now I am seeing that word to be true. It is a home base, but not just because of the girls. It’s a home base because of ministry as well. This year in school with all the travel is becoming a year of connections in the Spirit. I know that this trip was very important to my future and that I will be in Australia many more times. But this is just the beginning. I have to sort out what it is God is doing with me right now. But I’m too tired tonight to give it much more thought. I think that my bed is calling. I know that it will be very comfortable.

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