Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 293 - Sitting by the Fire

Yes, I’m sitting here in my rocking chair next to the fire going in the fireplace. When I came back in tonight there was a chill in the house so that gave me an excuse to light the fire. I have to admit it is nice sitting here by it. I had forgot how much I love a fire. I know that Julia and I used to discus what was best. I would like to leave the heat off and just use the fireplace at night, while she had rather use the furnace. Of course she liked toe fire too, but I think I used it more. I know that last winter when I was alone I used it constantly, so I probably will again this year.

Work was OK this morning, I really am grateful to have a job; especially a job that I can enjoy doing. I didn’t get through until after 2:39 and I went to Harry’s on the way home. So it was after 4 before I got everything unpacked. I had some clam chowder that I had bought at Harry’s for supper and them went to the movie with Bud. We saw “Afterlife” with Matt Damon. He is a great actor and I usually enjoy his movies, but this one was just OK. Probably one to wait for the DVD for. Anyway it kept me out of the subdivision just in case any trick-or-treaters came by. After I got home I finished watching the Ga -Fla football game. It was an exciting game. Both teams look like they would have no problem beating GT. I’ts not going to be good the next few weeks. Well, hope springs eternal, and you never know when you get a bunch of 18 year olds playing a game.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear Randal Worley at BA and I know it will be fun in L5P afterwards. Work will be OK. Hopefully with only one student we will be done early tomorrow. It will be a full day, but I’m sure it will be fun. I have to begin Christmas Shopping. I used to rely on Julia for almost all of the shopping. I would just give my opinions and let her do the buying. I no longer have my own personal shopper. I’ve gotten to of my granddaughter’s presents, but no one else’s. Here it is Halloween tomorrow and I have to have everything ordered and delivered by Dec 18. Pressure is mounting. Hopefully I will able to get something done next week. I’ve got three A periods, so hopefully in the afternoon one day, if I can stay awake. I can’t believe that October ends tomorrow. Thanksgiving will be here so fast. Time just flies by this time of the year. I was looking at the front door tonight. I think that after Halloween, I’ll have to go downstairs and find some fall or thanksgiving decorations. I know that Julia wants me to put something out. Also there is so much yard work I need to get done in the next few weeks when I have some days off. It seems that every time I look at her picture she is adding things to my list. I know I have been lax, but I have been busy.

I’m listening to Kim Walker sing “How He Loves us” and I just get goose bumps thinking how much Papa loves me and how much He cares about everything I am doing. His love for my family and me is overwhelming. The good news is that He is so big that He loves you the same way. Although I know that I am His special kid! With that, I think that I will call it a night. Big day coming up tomorrow.

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