Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 267 - Brisbane School of Supernatural Ministry

This blog is for Monday Oct 4th USA time. I’m sitting in a 2.4 million dollar condo with no Internet access. That’s really hard to believe, but the truth. So I’ll get this posted as soon as I can in the morning. I really am in a 3 BR, 2.5 bath condo on the 66th floor of the Q1 building on the Gold Coast of Australia. If this condo was for rent, it would rent for 1000 dollars per night. That is the going rate right now. Obviously there is no real estate downturn here in Australia. In fact the Aussie dollar is ont of the strongest currencies in the world today. Their government until the past year or so has run a completely balanced budget and their total government debt is less than 400 Billion dollars. Total debt! Amazing! You can readily see the difference between a lender nation and a borrower nation. Well that’s enough about governments.
This condo is one of five that T owns in the Q1 bldg. He uses them for business and when they are not in use, he lets pastors and their families stay in them for a holiday; a very generous man. We met his wife today and she is just as nice and as strong of a believer. One of the main principals he was talking about last night was the importance of obedience in the Kingdom of God. He was talking that obedience to the Holy Spirit is a key spiritual currency that we need to learn to use to advance in the Kingdom of God. Jo, his wife drove us to Brisbane today. She is a gentle woman full of faith and power. We were able to give her prophetic words and the all had meaning in her life.

It was a busy day for us. Pastor Reg and his wife met us as we moved our stuff up to the 66th floor. They were getting ready to leave and had asked us to speak prophetically into their lives too. So we all sat around the living room sharing. They were sharing stories of how they met, and how they escaped during World War II. We were able to speak into their lives, but they gave us so much more the night before when they had prayed over us. I was amazed at how fast we had established a bond in the Spirit with them. It was as if we had known them for years.

Tonight was the BSSM school back at Nexus church in Brisbane. There were probably 120 people there as it was the first night of their new term and people were able to come free to check it out. Their school is primarily based on the DVD curriculum that Bethel Redding sells. Scott and Lacey drew out a much bigger crowd than they had expected. We knew that we were going to do the prophetic again and once again God was so good. Holy Spirit gave us words, quick words for people as we called them up. Then when we prayed over them, the power of God fell all over them and they were filled with even more of His love and power.

Scott spoke on getting keys to take the city. It was really about being obedient in the small things to earn trust in the large things. Then we had ministry time. We had a time of impartation that was powerful and lasted until around 10:15. Then we were praying for individuals until after 11PM tonight. It was a powerful time of ministry. Scott say a girl with no arches since birth and who had her foot bones fused together get total healing with new arches and all. In the mean time I seemed to get all the inner healing cases. I think I did three or four mini sozos all with very good results. It was a very good night and we are so blessed to be here and minister when we can. I know that I have been stretched prophetically. Lacey has had us give a prophetic word to every one we come in contact with. I now ohave no fear that God can use me in the prophetic at any time and any place.

Tomorrow we are goping to be on the Gold Coast all day and then go to minister at Revolution Church tomorrow night. We will be doing more of the same. It should be wild. They had Stacy Campbell there last Sucday and are having Wesley Campbell there this Sunday. God has been moving powerfully. So, it’s very late, I think I had better get to bed. It will be fun listening to the waves of the ocean from my bedroom on the 66th floor.

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