Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 279 - A Lazy Day

Last night was short and this morning came early. Three and a half hours sleep is definitely not enough. I was awake at 3AM, no problem, and work went well. I got home around noontime and I made myself some eggs for a late breakfast. Then I sat down in front of the TV to rest. I figured I would take a quick nap and then go for a run. Well, three hours later when I woke up, I realized that the day had passed me by. I didn’t get to run or ride my bike. But that’s OK. I probably needed the nap, especially since I have to do it all again tomorrow.

I did get some clothes in the wash and I went to Starbucks to read and have a Latte. I had it in a real cup and stayed at the store to drink it. There is just something about drinking a good hot Latte in a big ceramic cup. It holds the heat for a long time and allows you to sip it slowly as you read. That was a special pleasure that I don’t normally indulge in. I then had dinner with John and Biddie to catch up with them and I got home about 8. I watched a little football and here I am trying to get my blog done before bed.

Tomorrow I get up early again. Then after work I will go over to BA to church because going back to RiverStone is too far. After church we go to out reach in Little Five Points. It will be a busy but hopefully good day. I wish that there was some way that I could ride my bike, but it will be to cold to drive it to work. Oh well, I am off on Monday so I will definitely get to ride it then. In fact I might ride it to the city courthouse. I have to register it and turn the title in next week. That would be an interesting drive during the middle of the day.

I really need a day to just do yard work, but I’m working six days next week after working six days this week. I still have another five days before the end of the month. I miss Julia’s decorations around the house. I know that she would have Thanksgiving stuff up now and Christmas is coming soon. I’ll be out of town in Hilton Head for most of that, but I still plan on putting up some of the same things that we had up last Christmas; definitely her little green tree on the table in the front, along with the two outside trees on the front porch. Maybe I won’t be working somuch in November and I can get to the yard then. It’s all a matter of priorities, and right now the yard is pretty low on my list.

So I guess that it’s OK to have a lazy day every now and then. I do feel refreshed and ready to take on the world next week. School is back in session on Monday. It will be good, I know. Well, it’s off to bed for an early morning. The story of my life : > )

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