Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 280 - Little Five Points

My weekly outreach for BSSM is in Little Five Points. Little Five Points is in East Atlanta, right off Moreland Ave and Euclid Ave. It’s an eclectic area with coffee shops, bars and restaurants. It has some neat shops and is probably the new age center for the Atlanta area. This makes it a very exciting place to minister the love of God. Because most of the people are open to any type of spirit, it is sometimes easy to get to talk to them and get them to open up to what God is doing. At the same time, it can be a very dark place spiritually. That sounds hard, but when you know that you serve the God who is the real God, then you know your authority and what you carry. Isaiah said that the light would triumph over darkness and we need to bring the light into Little Five Points.

This afternoon was an afternoon of contrasts. First, there was a big Halloween parade in Little Five Points that drew over 15,000 people last night. I’m sure it was a celebration of darkness and that there were many spirits stirred up. So today as we walked around, you could just feel ”heaviness’ in the area. It was much different than last week. So when we started walking around, we began to pray just to release the Kingdom of God into the area. We have about 12 on our outreach team, and almost all were there today. We divide up into groups of tow or three and then just walk around, sharing with other people. It is our mission to bring the Kingdom of God into Little Five Points. We do that by walking around and releasing God’s love. We release His love by being friendly, developing relationships and meeting both physical and spiritual needs to those in the area. For example, today my group helped a girl change a flat tire, just talked and hung out with a few other people and prayed for healing of a guy’s shoulder. It never looks the same. It’s not a pattern or a program. Our goal is not to “save souls”, although that does happen. Our goal is to bring the presence of Light into the darkness. It is to release the Kingdom of God wherever we go.

The greatest testimony that my group had to day was when we prayed for healing. We were at one of the coffee shops getting coffee. Brandy heard the guy behind the counter tell a friend that his right shoulder was really hurting and he had pinched a nerve. We asked if we could pray for him. He was very hesitant, an said that we could after he finished making a coffee drink. Then there was a long line, so we just said that we would come back later. We continued walking around and talking with other people, trying to release the love of God where ever we went. As we were heading back to meet up with the rest of the team; we decided to try once again to pray for this guy. So we went into the store and it was empty. Rob asked him if we could pray and then Rob and I put our hands on his sore shoulder. I prayed about a 30 second prayer asking the Kingdom of God to be released and commanding the pain to leave. We also jus declared healing in his arm. Then we asked him how it felt. He started moving it, and then moving it some more. He sounded surprised and said that it was much better but there was still a little pain. We asked if we could pray again. We prayed for about 30 seconds this time commanding it to be healed and all the pain to cease. We asked him to move his arm again and he looked shocked. He began to smile and his eyes got big. He told us that all the pain was gone. We all were excited and we told him that Jesus loves him and healed him because he was special. He just smiled as we left.

Later we found out that this particular coffee shop is very anti Christian. But today Father God used us to bring His light into that dark place. Isn’t it just like Jesus to heal an unbeliever to leave a sign of His mercy and Love? So today was fun. It’s always fun when you get to partner with Holy Spirit to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth. Well tomorrow school begins and it should be fun. I’m off tomorrow too, so I can get some things taken care of.

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