Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 265 - Nexus

This blog is for Sat Oct 2 USA. Well it’s Sunday here and we were at Nexus Church all day today. We had three services; two this morning and then another at 6PM tonight. I didn’t know until today that Nexus means connection point. This church is living up to it’s name. It is connection people to God and His goodness. The Holy Spirit’s presence was strong as we came into the church this morning. I could tell that it was going to be a good day. I was refreshed after sleeping over ten hours the night before. I think I have been fighting off some sort of virus. I have been having chills at night before bed, and my stomach has been pretty upset. So I have been unusually tired. But God’s grace has been good and I have been able to minister and pray and do everything that I could do. A couple of times I thought I might have to give in to it, but I think His healing power sustained me and made what could have been a very bad time tolerable. Anyway, I felt much better today and now, when I have felt the worst late at night, I feel fine. So I think all is well.

Scott preached today but we got up before hand and gave some words for the church. I felt that God gave me some pretty specific things to encourage the church and they were on target and well received by the senior pastor. Both services were great and the message was well received at both services. It’s really fun to be part of a team. I love ministering with Scott and Lacey. It’s fun just being there to pray for them. Getting to get up and be stretched in ministry is just an added bonus. Tonight we all got up after Lacey spoke and gave some individual prophetic words. I knew we were going to do this, and I felt that God had already given me on for the pastor’s wife, but as I looked around I saw an older man on the side in the middle. It was during worship and God just sort of highlighted him to me. I got two words about him: Gentle Warrior.

So when Scott asked me If I had a word I had the gentleman stand up. As usual, I have to act on what I have been given in order to get more. As I began to tell him that I saw him as a gentle warrior, more things began to pop up in my spirit and I was able to speak prophetically in to both him and his wife. It was good foe them, but as I talked with them later, God used this time to confirm in me that I can be used prophetically in a powerful way. I had called out things in them that were deep in their heart, and called out destiny confirming directions they were already moving in. What I also found out was that Jim had told them before the meeting started that they needed to meet me. They are the couple that has recently started the Sozo Ministry at Nexus. God is so good.

We ended the night with a blow out fire tunnel and then I went with Jim for coffee before he brought me back. So, what have I learned here at the camp and today at Nexus. First, these are my people. They are my tribe as it were. There are many streams in the body of Christ, and all flow from the heart of God. But sometimes we find ourselves as individuals fitting in one stream better than others. That is as it should be. This church is Assembly of God, but that is just the denomination. That is not their stream. Their stream flows from Redding Ca. The influence of Bethel Redding on every aspect of their ministry is undeniable. Theirs is a Kingdom mentality, a Kingdom culture. It’s funny how you can walk into a church and know how you fit or don’t fit. Here, I fit. My values and core beliefs line up in perfect alignment with theirs. It doesn’t matter what their denomination or what country they are from.

Second, I know that God wants to use me. I know that when I get up, I can have a word for people. I believe that when necessary, I can get a word from God for anyone at anytime. It’s all about tapping into His presence and being willing to listen and then step out with what you are getting. I did this tonight with a follow up word for a girl Jason had a word for. I took the mike and didn’t have anything for her. I began to speak, and rambled for a while. I was beginning to worry and didn’t have anything when finally I got something just as I was speaking. That was stepping out for me. I have never done that before. Whike it wasn’t particularly smooth, I did see God move in me to give her something.

So it was a great day. We have tomorrow off. I think we are going to the Gold Coast for a day of recreation and relaxation. Should be fun, hopefully it won’t rain.

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