Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 266 - The Gold Coast

This is for Sun Oct 3rd in the USA. It’s Monday here and it has really been an interesting day. We got up at the Morgan’s and packed up for our trip down south to the Gold Coast. It is about an hour drive. We got to the hotel that Scott and Lacey were at and started down the coast. It was around 11AM and that should put us down there about noontime. We were really looking forward to and afternoon of fun and relaxation. A friend of Scott’s had said that a businessman wanted to meet us, and would give us access to an apartment down there so we could say for free. The only problem is that getting in contact and meeting up with this friend is like trying to bottle the wind. It’s almost impossible to do. We didn’t hear anything until we got down to the coast. Then we found out that the friend wouldn’t even meet this guy until about 1:30 and He was in Brisbane. That meant it would be at least 2:30 until we would be able to get the key and unload the luggage. As we drove around to find a place to park it helped me to realize that the Gold Coast was very much like Los Vegas except by the sea. Well, we went to lunch at this chocolate place. I’ve never seen anything like it. They had chocolate pizza, chocolate waffles, everything chocolate, mild chocolate and dark chocolate.

My advice is never eat lunch at a chocolate place. I did OK. I just had a dark chocolate mocha frappe. It was pretty good and not very filling. Scott had chocolate filled crepes and Jason had a chocolate pizza. The both came to regret their decision later. After we ate, we walked around the shops waiting to hear about the connection that still had to be made. It was now around 2:20 and we found out that the businessman wanted to meet us and take us to dinner. He was on his way down and should be here around 3:45. By this time we were all very frustrated. Our whole day of fun in the sun was evaporating as we stood around. This apartment was supposed to be very nice. It’s up in the QE 1 building and the view was supposed to be spectacular. But the day was dragging on and we didn’t seem any close to meeting with him. The next delay was until 4:20. Well it wasn’t until 5:00 that the businessman and Scott’s friend arrived. Jim had stayed all the time with others.

We met the guy. I’ll call him T for short. He was very nice and took us up to the 21st floor. We went into this spacious 2 bed room apartment. It was beautiful and the view was breathtaking. T told us that this was only for tonight. He had other pastors staying in his office suite, but we would move there tomorrow afternoon. It was on the 61st floor. We went up with him to see it. It was truly amazing. The view is out of this world. There was an elderly pastor and his wife there when we came in. We introduce ourselves and them began to look around. The QE 1 Building is the third tallest building in the world and we were within 10 stories of being at the top. Did I tell you about the view? As we were there, we begin talking to the elderly pastor. It turns out he planted and grew a number of the largest churches in the world. He was personal friends with Paul Yongi Cho of Korea and knew many of the healing Revivalists of the 50’s. So when we got ready to leave we had him pray for us and release an impartation. It was a powerful prayer time. The pastor and his wife carried a great anointing which was evident even more when they laid hands on you.

Then we went back down to our apartment. T had about 30 minutes of business to take care of and then he wanted to take us to dinner. It was then we found out that T was the second wealthiest man in Australia. In fact he had just gotten back from New Zealand where he had loaned the government money to help rebuild after the earthquake. It’s hard to believe it even as I write it. As we talked at dinner I could sense greatness in this man. He was so down to earth and humble. He was so full of God and the Holy Spirit. He told us principal after principal that the Lord had taught him in business. I can honestly say I have never heard so much wisdom come from one man at one time. I just listened on awe, trying to hang on to grains of truth. Dinner was great and went by entirely too fast. He was truly blessed to be blessing us. We were honored beyond measure. I really hope he writes a book, What he has to say about believing God and walking out things in faith are so relevant and true.

I am amazed at the continued favor we have had on this trip. We have the morning free, and I am looking forward to seeing what God does with us at the School tomorrow night.

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