Saturday, October 1, 2011


So many of us think that leadership is telling someone what to do and watching them do it. That’s not leadership. Leadership is actually getting down and helping, leading the way in accomplishing the task at hand. You lead by doing and serving. It seems that many people when they hear that we are wanting to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth and infiltrate every area of life have the idea that we want to is to take over and boss people around. That couldn’t be farther from the truce. Kingdom Leadership is serving and coming alongside someone to help them fulfill their dreams and destiny.

Tonight we saw a good movie that represented good servant leadership. It was Battle for Los Angeles” and it was definitely about leadership. This Marine staff sergeant used his leadership abilities to help his team survive and to overcome the terrors that were eating at them. He led by example and by putting himself out in harms way to get the tasks’ accomplished. In the Kingdom of God, that’s how we lead.

Think about your style of leadership. Is it Kingdom? Or is it more of the bullying kind that this world seems to offer as the norm. We can make a difference, but we have to start by showing them something different. If we don’t, who will.

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