Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Move Begins

Today I was off, I mean really off. There was no school, no meetings and no work. I was completely off. It was a good thing too because I was so busy. This morning I packed the Envoy full of boxes and the TV and DVD from Sheryl’s. Oh yes, we can’t forget the table that the TV was sitting on. Then I went to see if the ATT service guy was going to show up. He did show up, on time and did a very good job. I was at the house all day long, and the longer I was there, the more comfortable I was. It is very peaceful, and I know that we are really going to enjoy it.

After Sheryl came over, we went on a walk on the cart path nearest our house, It’s going ti be a great place to run and ride bikes, We had a great walk before we had to leave. I know that we are really going to love being here. So we are really starting the move. It’s going to be a wild couple of weeks and I hope that it will go fast because it is not going to be fun at all. The plan is to answer the Lords call in every area and hope that we can still get all the move done. I am praying that He will help me manage all my time wisely so that this will be able to fall into place. If we can actually move the furniture down from the house in Dallas on the 27th, that will be a day ahead of our community group leaders retreat, and five days ahead of the Soxo Summit.

You know the beat thing about all of this? I’m not really responsible and I know that if any of these are you Papa, then you will work it out. So, I’m about where I should be. I know that it worth staying up to see some things,. But it’s late and I really need to work in the morning, so I’m going after all year

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