Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

I’m sitting here typing on my MacBooK. It is a wonderful computer, totally user friendly. It has an operating system OS X that doesn’t freeze or have any virus attacks. I just talked to Lisa in Alaska on my IPhone. It’s probably the best smart phone that has ever been made. It continually is upgraded and syncs very easy with the computer. I use my IPad at work. I have over 50 pounds of manuals downloaded into this little 1.5 pound machine that is totally awesome. I have an IPod at home that I listen to all my music on in the living room. You might say that Steve Jobs has invaded my life.

In reality, he didn’t invade my life, he just dreamed about things that no one else dreamed about. But even more, he was willing to act on those dreams. Because of his action and innovation, Apple went from a company that almost went bankrupt to the world’s most important company today. Its stock is selling for over 400 dollars a share. It shows how powerful dreams can be, especially when you are willing to act on them.

Someone said on Facebook tonight that: “Steve Jobs had vision while the rest of the world wore bifocals.” I like that quote a lot because it is so true. While everyone was buying PC’s and Windows, Steve was envisioning how to make his Apple products, especially his Mac computers. He persevered when he came back to Apple when it was in such bad condition. One of the main things that I really love about what he did was his commitment to customer service. I have never gone into an Apple store and walked away disappointed, unless they were sold out of what I wanted.

So, tonight I honor a man that lead the way in vision and changing how people live and work. We as believers can take and learn a lot about dreaming and risking from him. I pray for his family tonight, and I pray that he was a believer. I know nothing about his personal life. He has been fighting cancer for about five years while he was releasing the IPhone and IPad. Even in sickness, he was producing. He was such an example and inspiration to us all. God Bless you Steve Jobs, you will be missed.

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