Monday, October 3, 2011

Teaching vs Exhortation

It was a fun night tonight. Worship started slow, but picked up as the time went on and ended very well. I felt that I came in with a lot of baggage in spirit that I had to brush off before I was able to really enter in. But once it got going, it felt like the room cleared and we were all able to enter into His presence. After worship I was the speaker. Like I wrote last night, I was supposed to speak on identity. As I prepared this message, I really felt that Papa said it was going to be different. As I prepared my talk, I had many, many scriptures. In fact I probably had 15 or so written out.

My natural speaking style is one of exhortation. I love to activate people into their destiny, and exhortation is the style that seems to work best for me. Normally when I prepare a talk, I only use one, maybe two scriptures to emphasize the points that I am trying to make. My speaking style is fairly dynamic, and I can hold the attention of the room pretty well. When the anointing kicks in, then it really can be very good. It’s not me, because without the anointing of the Holy Spirit it can be very bad too.

I have tried teaching before, but for the most part I have stayed away from it because it just doesn’t fit my style. It seems too slow, and too cumbersome. I have tried it. But it just hasn’t seemed to work for me, and I haven’t felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit on this type of speaking before. So, even though I might be teaching a subject, most of my talks usually wind up as exhortations about the points that I want to teach on. This has worked pretty well in the past and I figured it would be the way I prepared and spoke tonight.

But, I always try to listen to Holy Spirit, and I try to be obedient to what I hear Him say. This morning as I began to finalize my talk I felt Him tell me that He actually wanted me to use a teaching style in my talk tonight. I felt that He wanted me to use a lot of scriptures and then fill in the talk with examples and calling out what He wanted to do in us individually and as a group. I knew that this would be different, and if I were to do this, then it would be very different from any of my past lessons. But I also knew that if He were calling me to do this, then He would be happy to release His anointing over me as I taught. So, I prepared accordingly, knowing that it would be very different.

During worship, Sheryl had a picture of me just taking my heart out and opening it to share with the students. This confirmed to me the way that I was leading tonight. I did open my heart, and was very vulnerable as I laid out the lies that we hear and believe about ourselves and then laid out the truth of who we are in Christ. This truth was proved over and over again as I read scripture after scripture as we pressed into more of Him. It was neat, because even though my delivery was slower and more deliberate, the mission and the anointing was still the same. My goal was to activate the students as well as show them who they really are. It was a success and I learned that I could be a teacher if and when Papa told me to. I learned that He does give even more giftings. It seems like He has given me a teaching anointing now as well. I know that I will use it more. God is good, and His gifts are irrevocable. Yes, it was a very good night

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