Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love, Love, Love

Remember the Beetles song “ All you need is love”?  Well, that song would be a great theme song for our night at school tonight.  It seemed like every speaker and every thing we did was focused on the love of God.  Of course it seems like we do that most nights, and rightly so.  But tonight was even more focused.  First we had more outreach training.  Heidi Dawson spoke about seeing everyone you come in contact with through Papa’s eyes.  She did an amazing job.  She really activated and engaged the crowd.  Her main theme was that we had to know how much we were loved before we could give His love away.

Then we had our Boiler Room AMT.  It was another amazing night there as well.  We had the “Eagle Six” come and teach on prophetic intercession.  They are the main intercessory group of the church.  Sheryl is one of them, and they did a great job teaching and sharing about intercession.  Their main focus and foundation is the Love and Goodness of God.  They are called “Eagle Six” because when they were prophesying and declaring out on the rock at Moravian falls, they looked up and there were six eagles circling above the six of them.  What are the chances of that happening in the natural?  Probably not much.

Anyway, they were filled with wisdom and were able to impart much into the students.  They answered questions that really opened up doors of understanding.  Then we had a time of soaking, hearing God and declaring over all that He said.  The AMT went on until almost 10 PM.  It was really a good night.  I didn’t have a lot to do.  I sat on a panel with Steve and Scott to answer questions about the Prince or Pauper video that we saw last night and finished up with tonight.  It was a good time with lots of good questions. 

I really think some of the first year students are finally getting the idea that it’s all about learning who they are.  You have to know who you are before you can figure out where you are going.  That is one of the hardest things to do because it causes you to question almost everything that you have been taught in the past.  This is true especially if you grew up in a traditional church.  Most traditional churches wind up focusing on behavior rather than relationship.  So, if your behavior doesn’t measure up, then you are deemed to be not worthy.  In reality, it’s not about behavior.  Your behavior can not be totally right, but without the right relationship, you will still be lost.  Most men look on the externals, but He focuses on the internal, which leads to the external.  If we are in Him, then every bad behavior is totally hidden by His blood.  So it really is all about love, love, love.  It was really a great night.     

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