Friday, October 14, 2011

Camping Out

No, we are not out in the woods, or on some river-rafting trip.  I wish we were, it would be much more fun.  Instead, we are camping out in our house in Peachtree City.  It’s not too bad, we have TV and internet.  What we don’t have is furniture, yet.  Tomorrow we move all of Sheryl’s stuff over.  At least then we will have a bed.  Tonight it is an air mattress.   Sheryl’s already asleep on it so, hopefully, it isn’t that bad.  I will find out in a few minutes.

You might be wondering how we came to be here tonight.  Well, it was a matter of choice.  Really it was my choice.  This morning I drive from Newnan up to the house in Dallas.  I had to be there to get an estimate.  Then I had to drive back to the airport.  The choice was to stay in our new place with no furniture and sleep on the air mattress, or drive back to Newnan where we had no TV and the internet is going crazy.  It was really about the shorter drive more than anything.  It was good to get home in about 30 minutes.  So, I think I will sleep very well tonight.

We have to be over at the place in Newnan tomorrow at 9:30 AM.  Hopefully we will have enough help and we can move everything in one trip.  Then we can spend the weekend getting settled here so that the big move can take place.  I didn’t know that I had so much stuff.  The moving estimate was aver 16000 lbs.  That fills almost two trucks.  It is going to be something to see everything happen right. 

The house feels good.  Spiritually it seems pretty clean and I can’t wait to really move in and get settled.  I think tomorrow afternoon, Sheryl and I will walk through the house and pray over it.  My desire is that the presence of the Holy Spirit  be so strong that we all begin to just worship Him when we move into this area.  Anyway that’s my heart,  I know that it will be fun tomorrow and I am looking forward really settling in.  I already have my first route for my first run here in the city. 

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