Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Boiler Room

I’ve heard this phrase before: “Prayer is the engine that drives the ship”. The “ship” meaning the church, of course. In reality, prayer is so much more than that. Prayer is really connecting our hearts to Papa’s heart and declaring His will over the earth. My roots in prayer go back to the early 90’s. That’s when we met Tony and Sandra Cavener. As much as we learned about the prophetic in those years, we learned even more about prayer and prophetic intercession.

I can remember those early nights of all night prayer and worship. They were the early boiler rooms, even before IHOP was beginning their 24/7 prayer movement. We would have the worship team singing and Tony would be leading the charge, going after the Kingdom of God. We were praying Kingdom prayers, even back then. We were going after God’s heart and not going after all the bad things that the enemy was doing on the earth.

Tonight in the “Boiler Room” AMT, I was reminded of those early days, and my introduction into intercession. Prophetic intercession is hearing God’s heart and then declaring it over an area that you are praying about. It seldom actually prays against the problem, instead it pray’s in the goodness of God to displace the problem. Think of a glass filled with coke. It looks brown and dirty. If your prayers are focused on the coke, then the glass will still be full of brown liquid. But, if you begin to pray in the goodness of God and it looks like clear water, eventually al the brown liquid will be displaced by clear water.

That’s what happens in the spirit when we begin to pray what Papa wants to see over an area. Our words are powerful, especially when they come in the form of declarations. Words make worlds, and we can change the world as we speak His goodness into the worst of situations. That’s our goal in the Boiler Room; to seek the heart of God on a matter and then declare it until it comes to pass. Come to pass it will, because He is powerful to perform His word, and if He wants it declared, then He will make sure that it comes to pass. Tonight was a taste of the new, with the memory of the old. It was like having the new rich ice cream on top of an aged chocolate pie. It was the best of both. I’m excited to see what Papa is going to do over the next few weeks as we go after His heart in many of the needy areas of our city and nation.

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