Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moving Day

Yesterday was super busy, obviously.  For the second day in a row I had an A period, and then went to bring stuff back down to the house.  When I got home, I had to unload and then we taught last night.  After that we drove back up because the movers were supposed to be there at 7am.  So, last night we spent the night in our house in Dallas for the last time.  I love this house, and I will always have many good memories there, but times are changing and this morning I was up by six looking forward to the move.

So what was the move like?  Today it was one of the smoothest moves I have ever been involved with.  The crew, we had six men and two trucks, was very nice and bent over backwards to do anything that we asked.  The whole day went from 6:30 until about 4:30.  That included moving all the furniture and boxes into the trucks and then driving down to Peachtree City and unloading them.  The unloading was harder because they had to put all the beds back together and do whatever was necessary to put things in order.   Right now, I am bushed and will probably go to bed as soon as I make this post.  It’s good to be in the house although I have misplaced the power cord to my TV.  That is the only casualty of the move.  It’s in one of the many boxes, I’m sure.  The problem is remembering which one.  Hopefully we will find it soon.  At least we have another TV that we can watch.  So, I  think I will sleep in tomorrow morning and then work around the house.  The retreat starts tomorrow night in Ellijay and I hope that they have wifi or at least some cell phone coverage.  But it is in the mountains, so that’s doubtful.  

I’m really too tired to think tonight, but it’s a good tired.  I’m happy to have the main part of the move complete.  Sure we have a lot of boxes to unpack and pictures to hang but everything is down here.  We are definitely in now and that is the main thing.  So, God is Good, and His love has been carrying us this week.   Well, He’s going to have to carry me through this weekend as I speak on Saturday night.  But He will do it.  He is strong and His strength is manifest in my weakness.  So it will be a good weekend as well.

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