Monday, October 24, 2011

Moving, The Spiritual Aspects

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone should be forced to move at least every two years.  Paul says that we should “throw off every encumbrance that hinders us from running the race.”  Well, moving is a great way to throw off “encumbrances”.  I’m looking at stuff in my basement that I haven’t looked at since I put it in the basement six years ago.  It is amazing how much junk we accumulate over time.  Today we were back at the house and we loaded up another load in the Envoy.  Tomorrow after my A period I wlii go back up and bring down another load.  I really should be getting rid of more that I am, but I have a half of a garage full of stuff for the Salvation Army as it is.

Moving is like baptism.  It is similar to a death of the old and bringing life to the new.  It is amazing how God allows us to shut off our emotions toward a house as we begin to move out of it.  I wonder if that is what it will be like when we die.  After all, we, our Spirit, are just changing locations.  That’s like moving isn’t it?  So if death is similar to moving, no wonder we hate moving.

Moving also offers us an opportunity to look back at the past even as we look to the future. We see that things that worked well in the old house don’t work so well in the new one.  This makes us make needed changes in our lives based upon new needs and desires.  So as we are in the middle of this move, a lot of things get stirred up.  That’s really pretty good, it allows us to jettison some things that we really don’t need  and pick up some of the things that we really do need.  Well, that’s all for tonight since I have an early period tomorrow.  

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