Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Melting Pot

Tonight I took Sheryl out on a date. Well, maybe she took me. Anyway she got a coupon a couple of months ago for 50 dollars worth of food for 25 dollars. So tonight we went down to the one in Kennesaw. It was a lot of fun, although it cost a lot more than the 50 dollars. WE had cheese fondue, then the meats, which consisted of Ahi Tuna, Steak, chicken and shrimp. There was more than enough and we ate as much as we wanted and there was still food left over. Then we topped the night off with dark chocolate fondue with strawberries, bananas; cheesecake and pound cake. It was an excellent meal.

But why do people pay such high prices for such a meal. Yes it was good, but the food alone wasn’t so good that it was worth that price. I believe the reason they pay it is the experience. The experience is much more than the food, in fact the food is a minor player. The real experience is taking time for dinner. It took us almost 1 ½ hours to eat. That id probably twice as long as the average person spends eating, even if they are eating out. The greatest part of the experience is really about building relationship. Can you imagine if we all took the time to talk with one another over the fondue pot. Spending that much time just talking and listening over a fondue pot is bound to make a big impression your date. It’s the same way with Him as we begin to push out of our comfort zone.

So many of us, me included, don’t want to watch life pass us by. Sure, I love to minister to the hurting. I do it in sozo and in school. As much as I like to minister, there is more to having a balanced life in God. That means that I need to schedule time with my wife just for fun. Tonight is more than just about the food, as good as it was. It was about quality time together. Time to just talk and think about the future together. It was a time to talk about the kids and grandkids. It was a time to dream about seeing them and loving on them too. It was a night to talk about moving and all that entails. It was really about just enjoying the experience together, alone.

Life is busy and it’s hard to find time to really stop and smell the roses. Tonight we were able just to sit back and rest in His goodness, reflecting on everything that He has given us. We didn’t have to verbalize it, it just happened. I have to look for these moments and take advantage of them when they arise. So tonight the Melting Pot was much more than a resteraunt. It was a place where hearts could connect in a deeper and slower way. It was a place to bring up dreams and look at our destiny. The journey is so important, but sometimes we have to just sit back and reflect not only on where we are going, but where we have been. That’s really what tonight was all about. And in the midst of doing that, we got to eat some awesome food.

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