Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Roaring Like a Lion

My good friend Daniel Bashta’s album was released yesterday. One of my favorite songs is on it “Roaring Like a Lion” It’s a great song, in fact it is the one that I requested he sing at Julia’s funeral. The words “Let Heaven roar, let fore fall; come shake the ground with the sounds of revival” echo through my bones as I hear them. My heart sings out with every ounce of strength that I can muster.

That is what school is all about. That’s why I have been interviewing sixty prospective students, and that is why I eat and breathe. Impacting this generation, that is my mission. Whether it be teaching school or leading Sozo, the pay is the same. We are investing in an eternal flame that we pray will ignite in the hearts of those we minister to. Imaging what would happen to Atlanta if around 400 radicals were to go after all the things that we should be doing. This year we will have students in first year from 18 – 73. It truly is an intergenerational thing that Papa is doing.

It’s His presence that gives us hope and peace. It’s his presence that keeps a revivalist pressing into the deep realms of the Kingdom. It’s not really about the healings, although they are great. It’s not even the miracles and the prophetic words. It’s just about His presence. The sooner we realize that, the sooner that we can continue to press into all that He is. I love lions. Prophetically they do represent the King, and all I want to do is to see the Kings rule and reign established over the earth as soon as possible.

So, here I am after a long day at work, and picking up the Sozo team from Bethel. Tomorrow the Advanced Sozo conference begins. I know that I will learn even more tools to help set people free from the wounds and lies that blind us from our true identity and the victory that is ours. So, it’s time to get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be an awesome.

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