Monday, September 26, 2011

Panama City Beach

Well, it was way to late to do a blog last night, so I am trying to start this one early because I have a lot to talk about. Yesterday was absolutely awesome. Steve had a great talk about identity and then Scott rocked the place with his talk on Sonship. It was exactly as I had been praying. We broke some stuff off and redirected their focus on His goodness Then we were able to show them how the Father sees them and then take them into learning about Sonship and what it means to be a Son or Daughter of the King. The night ended with many of the students coming up for hugs. They were craving that freedom of Sonship and the knowledge of the love of the Father.

Today had it's ups and downs. The ups were the services. This morning Lauren spoke on perspective. It was very similar to my. Colored lenses. It was good and really made the point that we usually see what we are looking after. Then John Pilcher spoke and prophesied over many of the students. Tonight Lacey brought desert. She spoke on her relationship with Holy Spirit. It was an excellent presentation, right from the heart.

These are a couple of quotes from her talk. "When you value what He values you will love what He loves.". That one is so true. What you gaze at, you become. She also says this: "His truth always brings my truth higher and His exchange rate is always in your favor.". Worship was also over the top again. I believe this is the best retreat that I have been on since I started coming to them three years ago.

The one downer: we had a major accident on the scooter. The funny thing was, we hadn't even left the parking lot. One of the women opened the throttle full, panicked and had a death grip. She went full speed into a wooden wall. She probably hit the wall going about 20 mph. It wasn't good. She broke her ankle in two places, injured her elbow and possibly facial injuries. I never even got my scooter started. Needless to say, we canceled the ride. I wound up spending the afternoon in the ER. She will be able to come home to Atlanta tomorrow.

Even with the crash, this has been a remarkable weekend. I'm looking forward to sleeping on the way home tomorrow. It,s been a great weekend, but I'm ready to be home.

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