Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Desperation or Hunger

We’ve all said it; I’m desperate for more of God. We talk about desperation for God like it’s a good thing, and we mean it to be. But if we really think about it, being desperate is not necessarily good. Eric was talking about this tonight. If you are desperate for your wife, what does that say about our relationship? If the only time I wanted Sheryl was when I was desperate, she wouldn’t like that very much. In reality Desperation is based on your awareness of lack. That is true, because so many times we only seek after God when we realize that we are lacking something.

Hunger on the other hand is based on our awareness of His abundance. I am hungry for more of Him. It is good to be hungry. Hungry people wind up being filled because they don’t take no for an answer. I love hungry people because they are seeking after more and they are willing to take risk to find it. I have been hungry for years and I what to maintain that level of hunger.

This week at school has made me hungry for more of His presence. Tonight in worship was amazing as we praised Him and then I took the mike and had some of the students sing prophetically. Eric and Candice were great, and the excitement is building for Panama City Beach. It really is going to be a good week, But it’s very late, and I have to get up very early, so just stay hungry and seek more of Him.

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