Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Six More Students

I am really excited about school. I am trying to finish up all the interviews I have to do before school starts next Sunday morning. I know that I have at least five more interviews and I hope to get them completed as soon as possible. I had a girl from Jacksonville call me today about the school. She and her husband had been at church on Sunday and they both wanted to move right now. In reality, she has decided to come ahead to the school this year. I can’t image trying to commute from Jacksonville. She will probably have to be up here at least three, maybe four days a week. That’s brutal, especially being married. But she is passionate about coming to the school. Can you imagine the desire it takes to do that? And that’s just one of the stories that I hear daily.

In fact, today I heard six stories. I had six interviews today. I think that is the most that I have had in one day so far. I have one scheduled tomorrow and the rest still have to be scheduled. We are winding down this phase, but the real fun is just about to start. But first we have the Sozo conference at RiverStone. Yes, this is definitely a busy week. We pick up the team from Redding tomorrow and it should be a fun conference.

I see God moving in so many areas right now. It’s like He is playing chess. Moving one piece over here for this move and then over there for another. It’s like He allows us to be drawn into the currents of His river and then washed ashore in some distant land. We want to run, but we know that it is His will in our lives and we have to see this through. I know that I am one of those pieces, and so is Sheryl. It’s like we can’t make a move without impacting something else. I know that I was moving to Bethel Atlanta for my dream of teaching in the school. Then it was to marry Sheryl. But there is so much more. I am beginning to realize that this is part of my destiny that He has been sitting up for years, and that I am at Bethel Atlanta for more reasons than I had ever imagined. That is great, and I give Him any glory for anything that will happen here. I am just glad to be able to be used in any way for His Kingdom. We are definitely Kingdom releasers, where ever we go and what ever we do. At least that is a constant in my life.

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