Monday, September 19, 2011

Dreams and Decisions

A couple of nights ago I wrote about dreaming and I said that dreams were the outline that God used to paint our destiny on. I believe that more than ever. Our destiny is tied into our dreams. If we are afraid to dream, then it is hard to fulfill the destiny that He has for us. I know that God can always play His grace card, and He can redeem everything, but without that grace, then not dreaming can skew your destiny.

How many times have I, or you, waited or your dreams to come to pass without making decisions that really needed to be made. I have learned over the past couple of years that I need to be proactive. In the past I would not make decisions a lot of times and just let circumstances force me into making the decision. But what I have learned, is that Papa has given me the mind and His Spirit to make decisions. I used to want to make sure I heard His voice before I made a decision, but the problem was He normally wasn't speaking about what I wanted Him to. How come whenever a big decision is to be made, He doesn't seem to be there?

Tonight at school Eric Johnson said this; "If God made all the decisions for you, you would have nothing to account for at the end of your days." This really is so true. He wants us to make decisions. Sometimes there is nothing from Him. But at the same time, He has already given us what we need. He has given us our dreams. If our dreams are the outline on the canvass, then the decisions that we make are where the turns in the outlines occur. Without making decisions, our dreams can't form the outline.

What if our dreams aren't from God? Do you love Him? Is your heart on fire for Him? If so, then you have to trust that your dreams are His dreams for you. In the church we think we have a red light until it turns green. But in the Kingdom of God we have a green light until it turns red. Many times we are afraid to make a decision because we fear it might be wrong. Sure, there are right and wrong decisions. If you are married and decide to be unfaithful to your spouse, that's a wrong decision. But many decisions that we make have no " wrong" answer. It's either choose this or choose that. That's where Papa let's us choose. These decisions are the ones where our legacy is formed. Do we go after our dreams, or do we react in fear? We get to choose.

So, really the destiny that we have is in many ways tied to our dreams. And whether our dreams are fulfilled has a lot to do with the day to day decisions that we make. So, keep going with the green light until God gives you the red light. Don't be afraid to be proactive in your decisions. Dare to dream, but even more, dare to follow your dreams. Your Papa is a good God and He loves to love on His Kids. He is proud of you. Follow your heart.

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