Monday, September 26, 2011

Spiritual Sons and Daughters

Where is our destiny? What is our inheritance? These are two questions that are being discussed by many of us as we go after the Kingdom of God. We are realizing that the only way for revival to continue more than one generation is to pass it on to the next generation. That is what I am attempting to do in this school. As I grow older, my destiny becomes less important and my inheritance has become more important. But the more I think about it, the more that I realize that in many ways they are one in the same.

My destiny is tied up in training and releasing revivalists. But at the same time, in order to train and release them, I have to become a Father to most of them. This is the generation that is so caught up in an orphan spirit. Just looking at the students as we ministered last night I could tell that many, if not most, of them were dealing with that spirit. As we prayed for the new students this weekend, I believe that this was one of the main issues that each of them were facing. It doesn’t seem to matter what their background was, they all seemed to be dealing with an orphan spirit. Sure, those with good families weren’t dealing with it as strongly as the others, but they still seemed to be dealing with it.

I think it is just so prevalent in our country that we will catch some of it just by being in the air as we live and breath. I ministered to a lot, maybe 25 – 30 and although I might not have dealt with it; it was there in each of them. The need for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers has never been so great. So what does that look like? I think I am living it out right now. For me, it looks like this weekend; pouring my life out as I love each of them and let them know that my love really has no strings attached. I don’t know how many people I hugged and just loved on this weekend. It seems that that is what I spent most of my time doing. Sure. I got to preach and prophecy, but what these kids really need is someone to encourage and to direct them while giving them freedom. I guess I really learned to be a spiritual father by being a natural father.

I believe it is a father’s role to train, empower, give wings and watch them fly. I never want to do anything to hold or keep my daughters from going after their destiny and neither would I want to do anything but empower and encourage these kids. Yes, most of my job in first year is something I am well prepared for; just be a dad to all, even if they are older than me. I think I can do that, Jennifer and Lisa nave taught me well.

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