Thursday, September 15, 2011

Changes Keep Coming

Someone said that if you are not changing, you are dead. I don’t know about that, but I do know that change is inevitable. I have been in a season of constant change and transition for as long as I can remember. I thrive on change, but the down side of change is that it normally has a cost. That’s why most people don’t like change. Think about it with me. When you stay in your box and are afraid of change, you don’t ever pay the upfront cost that change brings. But in the long run, I feel that you pay a much stepper price later on.

Anyway, I know that we are in the midst of great change. The church as we know it is changing. It is changing every year. more and more people are leaving denominations for independent churches. The number of unchurched people continue to grow because most churches are culturally irrelevant. People need the presence of God. The churches that are going after His presence are finally beginning to grow and make a difference in their community. Yes, change is coming to the church.

Personally, Sheryl and I are in the midst of change. That is no big surprise, we are blending two different lives into one. It’s fun, but certain changes really do come at a high cost. We are in the middle of one of them. We are looking for a place to live down in Peachtree City. We want to be on the north side, closer to the school and the airport. We will rent until we are sure we are happy with the area. We have been looking at houses, and probably have one in mind. We will know next week. At any rate, this is a costly change. It is costly because we are having to leave all our friends on the north side of town; friends that I have had for years and Sheryl has come to love. Yes this change is one of the most costly, but also one of the most necessary changes we have to make.

Right now we are living out of suitcases, commuting back and forth between Newnan and Acworth/Dallas. Something has to give, so we are taking the steps necessary to make this happen as soon as we can. Hopefully we will soon be able to start the arduous process of moving two households. We will probably move Sheryl’s first because it is quicker. Then we will begin the process of packing up and moving mine. It is not going to be fun, but change and transition are not supposed to be fun.

So, as we go to the lake for probably the last time this summer, we just want to relax and get ready for all that will take place in the next few months; school, sozo, work and moving. That’s really going to be a full time, but it is necessary to take the next step that we are called to. So, let it all begin; just not this weekend. : > )

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