Sunday, September 4, 2011


We went to a wedding at RiverStone today. Emily and Spencer are both students at BASSM and Emily grew up in the youth group at RiverStone. So for me it was a good homecoming with friends from both churches. When Emily’s dad got up to toast the couple he talked about their wedding being a reflection of Christ. It was a good speech, and got me thinking about the word reflection, and how it is used with us as believers. The definition of Reflection - an image; representation; counterpart.

So what are we a reflection of? We know that the moon is a reflection of the sun. Numerous times in scripture, Jesus said that if you had seen Him, you had seen the Father. In other words, Jesus was a counterpart; an image or a representation of the Father. So it is fair to say that Jesus was a reflection of the Father. By the same process we can come to realize that we are a reflection of Him here on earth.

So, If Jesus is a reflection of His father in Heaven, and then we become His disciples, we are also become reflections of Him. In fact, that is really our main job. Our lives should reflect Him to al that we meet. He left, so that Holy Spirit living through us might multiply the number of those who are like Him. This is one of the ways we are to do the greater works. There will be so many more of us to release the Kingdom of God into the earth that we will expand it even more than He can.

So, where is that reflection over the world? Probably, for the most part, it is locked up in the four walls of churches all over the nation. The reflection is not being released where we can see it; much less release it to the public. It is so true and I have said it in so many different ways over and over. We have to show Jesus to the world through our lives. It’s not enough to pretend to go out, while staying in the comfort of the church. For too long we have been reflecting His glory to each other. It’s time we began to making sure that that glory is released outside the walls. Then and only then will people see the true Christ and begin to come into the truth. We can make a difference, but we have to be willing to press into everything He is doing.

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