Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fun at the Lake

Well, we are back up north tonight after a great weekend at the lake. The weather was a little better today, but fall is definitely in the air. That is great except when you want to get in one last weekend of summer. But anyway, it was a very relaxing weekend. WE were with Bud and Cathy. Scott, Lacey and the kids joined us, and we watched Judah catch his first fish. We took a couple of boat rides and just sat out on the dock. It was just a very relaxing weekend.

It’s a good thing, because things are really picking up fast. We have Eric and Candice Johnson coming in from Redding Ca for this school week. They will be at church on Sunday and then the staff has a dinner with them Sunday night. We have school on Monday and Tuesday night and I work on from Tuesday through Thursday. We have a Sozo team meeting on Thursday night and then on Friday we go to Panama City Beach on Friday through Monday. It’s definitely a busy week. In the middle of this week, I still have to prepare to speak on Friday night at the retreat. I know what I am speaking on, but I still have to work it all out.

In the midst of all this, I just have to settle down and seek the presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s only in His rest that I can get any of this done. So I have to just make myself stop and get centered in on who He is, not what I am doing. My only job in all that I am doing is to release His Kingdom wherever I go. There is no way to do that without just resting in and seeking even more of His presence.

You see, it’s really not about me and all that I am doing. It’s about Him and letting Him use me. I’ve said it before, I want Holy Spirit to wear me like a glove. It’s all about remaining in peace. I know things seem hectic, but it’s still all about the peace and staying in the peace of the Lord, even when you are busy. That is my main job. In fact it really the main job of any believer who is trying to do all that God is calling them to do. So, it had been good to spend the weekend at the week, but the real key is remaining at rest during this week. If I can do this, then everything will fall into place.

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