Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Loving Life

What do you find yourself doing when things get so busy? I know that this season of our lives is very busy. We seem to be so involved with school, sozo and just every aspect of life. Plus the driving back and forth between Newnan and up here definitely takes its toll. Today Sheryl came up after doing a sozo and we were able to go out and exercise. She walked while I ran. I am in terrible shape. I don’t have time to run, it seems like I am always in the car. This can’t continue this way.

The good news is that it won’t. We will be moving Sheryl out of her place on October 15th. We have rented a house in Peachtree City. It is 10 – 15 minutes from school and probably about a half hour to the airport. Church is about 20 minutes away, and I-85 is about 15 minutes away. It is a great location because of the quick access to everything, plus it has all the cart paths and running trails. It will be a great place to live.

Even in the midst of all the business, I love life. There is never a dull moment. Everyday is different and exciting. I know that for many years, I took life for granted. No more. I just want to savor every day as a new adventure. Life is just too short to not get all you can get out of it. I just wish I could be at more than one place at one time. I would be in Alaska with Lisa, in Florida with Jennifer and in Atlanta doing what we are doing here. Oh yes, I would be in California with Levi too. Everything that we want to do is here, but there is so much we would like to do with everyone else too.

So, I guess I will close. Life is good and God is better. It’s his life and His love that cause us to want to do so much. I can’t imagine being less involved; it would be so boring. Well, life is anything but boring. Oh, I forgot, we have to move both houses in our spare time. Yes, Life is definitely happening, the pace is picking up and the good news is Aslan is on the move!

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