Friday, September 9, 2011

Advanced Sozo Day 1

Well the conference began today and it was very good Dawna was the main speaker today, and we dealt with topics such as prophetic deliverance and other tools to bring freedom to those who are afflicted by different types of evil spirits. Now, I know that some of you really don’t believe in the demonic, but it is in the Bible, and I have seen the difference when someone is set free.

The key thing today is to know that God is so much bigger than anything the enemy has to offer. If we focus on Him, and His love, then most of the other will take care of itself. But there are occasions where people are stuck back in an old paradigm and they can’t really grasp His goodness. Then we still have to recognize where we are, and what we can do to be set free. That is where many people turn to the spiritual side to gain freedom.

Today we learned tools to help those who are stuck. That is good because we are seeing more and more people who are stuck and can’t get out. It seems that sozos are getting harder. I don’t know if it is because of all the stress that people are under in these harsh economic times. Anyway, this advanced conference with the training that it brings couldn’t have come at a better time. So tomorrow we get another day with even more training. It will be a good day. These days are full, but easy. I do have another interview tomorrow. It will probably be my last one before Sunday. These are really the easy days. Sunday starts the marathon. We have church, then orientation on Sunday afternoon from 1 – 5. Then Monday we have staff meetings and then school. Tuesday, I work an A period, have staff meetings and then school Tuesday night; then another A period on Wed and Thursday. It’s going to be a long week, but it’s just the beginning of many long weeks for the next nine months.

Well, tomorrow is coming fast. It’s going to be even hotter. Tonight we have the windows open. I can hear the crickets. I really love sleeping with the windows open. Fall is definitely in the air, but I know that there will be some hotter weather left in September. That’s fine, I can feel the promise of cooler air. I can feel the promise of school and the excitement of all the students as they go after their destiny and learn what it is to be a Revivalist. It might be a long week, but it is definitely going to be a fun week.

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