Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riding the Virginia Creeper Trail

It's been a great two days of riding. We arrived around one in the afternoon yesterday and we went to the bike shop for an afternoon ride down he mountain. We start up on Mount Rogers at Whitetop Station. It's a seventeen mile ride down the mountain. On this ride you don't need to do much peddling but your brakes had better work well. It's all downhill and we had a ball. There is so much to see and such amazing views. It was an incredible ride and we all enjoyed it thoroughly.

Today we drove the girls into Abbington this morning and dropped their bikes off at the trail head. They then went into town to look around while we drove back to a little place called Alvarado. It was a stop on the old Virginia Creeper line. It was about 8.5 miles from the Abbington trailhead. We rode into Abbington from there. It took us about an hour before we got there. It was a pretty hard ride and we were all tired when we got there. Along the way we say some marvelous countryside. It was so beautiful.

We met the girls for lunch at the trailside cafe. That's a story in itself. We went there the first time not long after we started coming here. He was a retired navy cook trying to open a restaurant. We talked with him and really got along. So every year we have been back. His business is doing great. In fact he just had a tv show film him and he is rated number 4 out of the top 50 restaurants in Abbington. It's really good to see someone follow their dreams and succeed.

It has really been a laid back fun trip. There is no phone service or easily accessible wireless. So I will have to post this blog tomorrow morning. I really don't have that much to say. I guess the main thought that I have had all week is about the amazing beauty of God's creation. I am really blessed with the opportunity to go and see what He has created. You see it every day, but there is just something different about Seeing it so up close and personal.

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