Friday, August 12, 2011

Biking Memories

Today was another perfect day. The weather cooperated and for the third day in a row, we didn't get wet when we rode. It was cool this morning and this evening, and the temperature during the day was very pleasant. We rode down the mountain again today. At least most of us. Three of the guys decided to ride up the mountain as well. I had no desire to try that, so I didn't go with them. Instead I took the shuttle to the top with the rest of the crew. After we got back this afternoon, I was having second thoughts and really wished that I had tried to do it.. Oh well, there is always next year.

After we finished the ride, a few of us were setting around talking about old memories. That gave me the idea of tonight's post. I have many bike memories and most of them center around my life in grammar school. However I do have some in my early high school days. You know, before I got too cool to ride my bike around. I remember riding around until I was in the 9th or 10th grade. Then I rode all over. I even rode on highways that today I would never ride on, or allow my kids to ride on. I would ride over to my cousins house to play touch football. I would also ride over to my friends house to hang out. These rides would be rides in excess of 5 miles one way.

But my most vivid memory of these times in my bicycle was when I was trying out for the 9th grade football team. We were practicing at my cousins house, and in was riding to practice. I had just gotten some new football cleats and I was bringing them to practice. Don't ride with football cleats hanging over the handle bars. I was riding pretty fast, when my cleats got caught in the front wheel spokes. The front wheel instantly seized, and I flipped over the front wheel on to the street. I landed right upon my head and rolled over on my back. Lucky I didn't hurt myself bad. But I wasn't wearing a helmet. I still don't like them, even today.

Most of my fun memories revolve around my bike and my dog Rocky. He was a Dalmatian, and a very good dog. We rode everywhere together, even to school. I would go in, and he would wait for me to come out. We had so many adventures that it would take all night writing them down. But I remember that many times when we were riding back to the house we had to ride fast to keep from being bit by one of the neighbor's dogs. This one particular dog would try and chase me every chance he got. My trick was to get going as fast as I could. It was a downhill slope where he usually attacked and if I was fast enough I could out run him. If not, then I would pull my legs up as high as I could and try to stay upright on my bike.

I would ride almost daily to my friend's house to play. My parents would let me go, and I would be gone all day. We would ride all day. Those were happy times, just like today. It's amazing to ride today, enjoying all that God has made and yet still, remembering all about the past and those fun times. Well, the trip is almost over, we will be driving home tomorrow. It's been a great trip and the company has been great. But it's time to go home. There are more things waiting for me next week.

Well I didn't get this posted last night. We got home about 4pm this afternoon and were out at a meeting by 6:30. It's great to be home. I'm riding my Harley to the BA mens day tomorrow morning. We are shooting skeet at wolf creek. It should be fun!!

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