Saturday, August 27, 2011

Freedom in Florence Part 1

Tonight was a great night. We had about 50 people show up for this basic sozo conference in Florence Al. It is being held at Christ Chapel. It’s a church of about 800 and this is the second basic conference they have had this year. There are about 5-6 churches represented. It’s great to be able to teach about sozo. It’s like using multiplication instead of addition. Doing a sozo is one person at a time, but when we teach others to do it our effectiveness multiplies greatly.

Tonight was basically an introduction, but it was a lot of fun and Holy Spirit showed up. Sheryl taught about the history and then the core values and I spoke on Hearing God. It’s amazing how many people just don’t understand how God speaks to them. There are so many ways that He speaks if we can just learn to listen. Of course He speaks through scripture. That is the bedrock and foundation. Anything that you hear that does not line up wit scripture is not from HIm. However, sometimes when He speaks it lines up with Scripture but fails to lie up with our view of scripture. God is always speaking, we just have to learn how to tune into the right channel.

But knowing that He speaks is not enough. We have to understand His character and His heart. He is good and He is a good mood. Our view of His character determines how close we let Him be to us. He desires intimacy more than He desires to give us information and if we believe He is harsh and judgmental, then we won’t get close to Him. Intimacy is the key to any relationship. Trust is essential, especially in our relationship with Him.

So tonight we set the foundation for Saturday. Ten we had a time of impartation. Sheryl and I had everyone come up and we prayed for everyone. We told them we wouldn’t give prophetic words, however as the night went on we did begin to give words to people. The power of God and the presence of Holy Spirit was strong and seemed to get stronger as the night went on. It is so good when He comes to back up His word. So, tomorrow we will teach the tools. Tonight many experienced a level of freedom. I know that tomorrow there will be more. As we set people free and teach them to set others free, the Kingdom of God is released here in Florence. Tomorrow should be fun.

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