Thursday, August 25, 2011

Healing Prayer - A Kingdom Dynamic

I’m sitting here in my leather chair listening to Neil Diamond just chilling out. It’s always good to be home. Sure we had a very relaxing time at the lake, and I am very grateful. But It is so good to be home. I know it is only for one night, and tomorrow night we will be in a hotel room in Florence AL. I know that it will be a good conference, but I am not looking forward to the drive, or being out of town again. We actually got back home today around 4:30. But we had to quickly unpack and get ready. We went out to eat with Bud and Cathy and then we all went to healing prayer.

The Night of Healing Prayer at RiverStone is one of my most fun things to do. It’s hard to believe that I had missed it for the last two months. Sheryl had never been to it, so tonight we were both going. I missed the time before prayer when we pray for each other and then the praying for all the people with needs. A couple of nights ago I wrote about field of dreams. I quoted “If you build it they will come”. Nothing could be truer than this. We have been building night of healing prayer for almost ten years, and people are beginning to come.

There is very little advertising, only word of mouth and a small sigh out on the streets. But people continue to show up, and what’s more, God’s presence continues to show up too. Tonight there were over 80 people that came to receive prayer. They came form all over the community; people who were desperate to see the real Jesus. You know, the Jesus that healed, saved and delivered. The Jesus who walked in power and love; the Jesus that cared.

Seriously, more than half, probably more than 60% of the people that came tonight were not from RiverStone. There were Baptist, Catholics, Methodist and atheists. It doesn’t matter what religion it’s about the power of God. So when all these people come expecting to meet God, He is not going disappoint them. And He didn’t disappoint tonight. You see, there were many healings. But everyone who came was touched felt His presence and His love.

The scripture talks about “healing being the children’s bread.” I know that this is so because I see it so very often. Healing is one of the best ways to bring the Kingdom of God into this present age. He loves to show up. We just have to be willing to risk. But RISK is what the Kingdom is all about. I’m proud of RiverStone. They are beginning to reap the rewards of persevering in faith, waiting to see the promise. I just wish that more churches were Kingdom minded instead of working to preserve what they have in the midst of decline.

Well, tomorrow night we will be in Florence, bringing the Kingdom through teaching and healing. I am confident that He will be with us. Why, because I am His son, and He wants to see me push the limits for His glory. It should be fun (except for the drive).

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