Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moving Around

Well, tonight we are back down in Newnan. Last night as we began to think of our schedule for the first of the week, we realized that we would need two cars down here so we decided to come down and leave from here for the airport in the morning. I will be exciting being able to see Jennifer, Sean and the girls tomorrow. I know that it will be a short visit, but they are as busy as we are and this id the best time to do it.

Life is so busy. I don’t care who you are or what your occupation. Life is busy. I believe that most of us just go through life trying to survive and complete the day. It seems that our number one goal is to complete the day. This goes on day by day, and we wind up old and wondering where our life went. What is really important? Where are our priorities? I know we have certain needs and many of us wind up being consumed to meet the basic needs; especially in today’s economic environment. But many of us spend our hours and time on things that we don’t really need. A lot of time we just do them because we think that we are expected to do them.

Take it from one that has been around the block. Don’t waste your time doing something because it is expected. Do it because you are passionate about seeing it get done. It doesn’t matter how long you live, you don’t have time to waste meeting the expectations of others. It has to mean something to you. What stirs your passion? Find a job that relates and pour your life into it. Hopefully it is something that you can make a living doing.

I have been blessed that I love flying and I was at the right time and the right place (there is no such thing as coincidence) to get hired by Delta. That gave me the opportunity to fill that passion and the time to expand into other passions. Many people aren’t so blessed, and they have to be involved for a season in things that are not their passion, but pay the bills. There is nothing wrong with that, but they need to constantly press into what would lead them to their passion.

Sheryl and I are so blessed that we are being able to go after most of the things that we are passionate about, and hopefully we will be able to go after even more in the days ahead. I pray for health and long life for both of us so we will be able to see these things fulfilled.

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