Saturday, August 6, 2011


So, what does it take to be a Revivalist? That is a really good question, but first the question that needs to be answered is “What is a Revivalist?” Well, I don’t know the exact definition, but here is what I think a Revivalist is. A revivalist is someone who is willing to risk their reputation and all that they have gained to date to see the Kingdom of God released in their area of influence. With that definition, you can be a Revivalist at any age. That’s why we are calling forth this “generation”, but defining the “generation” as ages from 1 -100+. I want to be among those that care less about religion and tradition, but press into the presence of God and call out life and release His presence wherever they go.

So, what does it take to be a revivalist? First and foremost, I think it takes a deep and abiding love for the Godhead. It all flows out of intimacy. It’s about loving and being loved. It is a two-way flow of communication. Out of that love comes knowledge of His goodness. You must believe and understand that He is so much better than we could ever think. It is that deep love and knowledge of His goodness that allows us to take risks. We know that He wants to heal, that He wants to set people free. So if we trust in His goodness, then we can rest assured that He desires to touch people’s lives and see them changed. Then we can go into the streets praying with the knowledge that He wants them saved, healed and delivered. That makes it easy.

Does it have to be a radical youth with tattoos and body piercing. No, but it can be. Does it have to be men and women who call themselves pastors and love on people for a living? No, but it can be. Does it have to be middle aged couples who are willing to invest time, energy and money to see other’s lives changed? No, but it can be. Does it have to be men and women in their 80’s who still live life with an exuberance and release God’s love wherever they go? No, but it can be.

Do you get the picture? There is not one area that is excluded from being a Revivalist and releasing the Kingdom of God into whatever area that they are involved in. I bless them all and I am thankful for all that each of them do. Everyone of them is needed of we are to have the Kingdom of God transform the earth. So no matter where you are tonight, you can be the one who brings change to your community. Love God passionately and then allow that love to manifest itself through you into your community. That is the first step in being a Revivalist. Will you join me? We can take over the world. You’ve gotta believe.

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