Thursday, August 4, 2011


Intimacy can be spelled differently if you really think about it. In – to – me – you – see. It really is about that. Are you willing to let someone else in to see and understand your deepest thoughts and feelings? Most of us have a hard time with that, even with our spouses. We wind up making excuses or avoiding contact and sharing about the deeper things. It’s no wonder that our relationship with God is many time devoid of intimacy and filled with works and rules.

Tonight in Jesus Culture, Banning spoke on the need for intimacy if we are going to be revivalist and press after the presence and power of God. Everything he said just echoed what I already knew. But it was new of many of the 17000 there tonight. Intimacy really begins in worship and you think that it would be hard to have any intimacy in worship in the midst of that size crowd, but that was not the case. Worship was great both times today. The Jesus Culture band led it this morning and Hillsong led it tonight. It was amazing to see and hear that many people going for it in worship. Tonight especially was just so divine.

But really intimacy begins alone with your time with God. It can be in worship or through bible reading. There is no set formula to achieve it. I think it is great no matter how you do it if you just press into Him. I haven’t had any alone time with him this week, but I am going home tomorrow morning (today now) because I have to work on Friday and the flights are full in the afternoon. I hope to have some alone time this weekend. I know that I sure need it. It has been a hectic three days, but it has been worth it. I wish I could stay for the rest of the conference, but it will be good to be home as well. I have to get up in less than three hours, so I think that I will call it a night. More tomorrow as I reflect on the conference.

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