Monday, August 15, 2011

Living My Dreams

It’s hard to believe that it is Aug 15th. School will start in less than a month and there is still a lot to do. We have begun to have weekly staff meetings and it looks like things are taking shape. I’ve got more interviews to schedule. Hopefully in the next three weeks we will have a lot of them. Anyway, it’s al falling into place.

Last year at this time all that I knew is that Papa said it would be a year of transition. How right He was. It’s hard to believe all the transition that has taken place in my life, and in many ways is still happening. There was a marriage, a new church, a new ministry (BASSM) and so much more. But even in transition, He told me that I would begin to live my dreams and that is happening. I remember last year talking with my life coach about what I really wanted to do and the main thrust was teaching and developing leaders to take the Kingdom of God to a lost world.
So here I am helping run the first year of Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. I will be speaking on many subjects and helping teach on Prophecy as well as helping pastor many first year students. It’s my dream job, and I am living it. But that doesn’t make it easy, and it doesn’t mean that I feel sufficient. I don’t at all. If Holy Spirit doesn’t empower me, I will fall flat on my face. I am totally dependent on Him, but I know that is where He wants me to be. If He has called me to do this, then He will empower me to do the job that I need to do.

Right now the focus is interviewing students and preparing for the year. Pretty soon it will change to being a pastor and teaching. At all times it will require me to press into the supernatural. That’s the problem with leading a school of the supernatural. You have to show them what that means and how it works in your life. It requires a dependence and risk that I haven’t stepped out in. This is really going to be a stretching year for me. I can’t wait. That is what I was born for, a time such as this.

At the same time, I am still involved in sozo. In fact, I have one on Wed afternoon and two more that I need to schedule. There are other things that I believe Papa has for Sheryl and I, but they are on the horizon yet and I’m not sure when they will open up. But this I know, things are not going to slow down. In fact, they will speed up. We are going to Florence, AL at the end of the month for a Basic Sozo conference. Sheryl is the main teacher, but I will be teaching as well. It should be fun, especially working together. But it is another layer where I have to depend upon Papa to help pull it all together. But He loves me being dependent upon Him, so I know that everything will fall into place. I never knew that living my dreams could be so stretching. But that’s what dreams are supposed to do. If they didn’t stretch you, they wouldn’t be very good dreams, would they?

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