Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Field of Dreams

Well, we are at the lake. We got here around 6PM and it is great to be here. We sat out on the dock and watched the sun set as the ducks swam buy and we saw fish jump and roll on top of the water. It is so quiet up here alone. I don’t think we heard but one or two boats the whole time we were outside. I guess it’s the middle of the week and school is back in session. Anyway, we plan on really enjoying ourselves for the next few days.

After we came in from the lake we decided to watch a movie. We brought a couple, but as we were looking through a stack of DVDs I saw “Field of Dreams”. What a great movie. I don’t think I have seen it for 10 years. Anyway, that is what we watched. It is just so good, especially if you are going after your dreams. You can so relate to everything that Kevin Cosner is thinking. When do you stop being practical in life and actually risk all you have to fulfill your dream. And how do you do that if to everyone else, your dream seems so frivolous? What if you are hearing voices that no one else is hearing? All these are things that I have dealt with over the years and yet they are all tied up into a package in this movie storyline.

When I saw this movie years ago, it was one of the first movies that I began to attach spiritual significance to. As I saw it tonight, I can understand why. But now there is so much more. There are father wounds and issues that we deal with all the time in Sozo. There are financial pressures that are so real in many homes today. How do you co after your dream when you are trying to survive. It took someone to stand with him through the midst of it to give him the courage to go after it and to press to make sure it happened.

But as much as the movie was about dreams, it was about healing relationships. This was about his relationship with his Father. And in the end, his dream actually led to an encounter with his father. Yes it was a good movie, but lets talk about dreams. We have to go after our dreams. But in order to go after them, we have to be willing to risk upsetting the status quo. Are we willing to go after them at all cost? That is the question. If we say yes, then I think that you can accomplish anything. Most people say that they want their dreams, but they aren’t willing to go the distance and fulfill their destiny. They grow old hoping and wishing that they had actually taken the steps, but they never did. I am so thankful that I am going after my dreams. I can’t imagine where I would be in life had I not understood the necessity of taking risks to get what He is calling me too. So where are you in the process. I say to you tonight just like they did in the movie; “If you build it, they will come.” So, let’s go build!!

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