Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fire in His Eyes

A couple of weeks ago at church, Scott saw what he called a new movement. A movement of prayer warriors that were declaring the goodness of God and calling down the Kingdom of God into this world. It was a prayer movement not based on fear or of the “end times”, but a movement that was based on knowing the Father and His love.

Last Sunday I had a vision during worship. It was a vision of an army. The army was dressed in white and when they opened their mouths and their eyes brilliant rays of light flashed, almost blinding those who saw. Then it was as if I was in space and was looking at the earth. It was night and totally dark, but I could see a shadow of a throne on top of the world. I knew that it was the throne of God. From under that throne it looked like molten lava, fiery hot and brilliantly lit was flowing down all over the darkness of the earth.

As I got closer, I realized that it was people, people in that army that I have seen. These people were going everywhere. They were all happy and joyful. In fact, they were being chased and were drawing crowds. The crowds were asking them why they were happy in the midst of everything that was going on. They were talking about and spreading the Goodness of God. They were releasing His love no matter what the circumstances. It was amazing. People were joining the army because of what they were seeing and hearing.

How could an army know God’s love like that? How could they share it so well. They had to have an experience with Him that I hadn’t had. Then I saw Him. Do you remember in Revelations where it talks about the rider on the white horse with fire in His eyes? Well, we all know that is the Victorious Christ. I have read this passage many times and pictured in my minds eye Jesus with wrath and judgment in his eyes. Well I saw that Jesus in this vision. It was an awesome and terrible sight to behold until I looked into His eyes. I saw the fire all right, but that fire was like nothing that I had expected. It was the fire of love. A totally different, more powerful fire than I was expecting. That love was so strong and overpowering that I knew. I knew that is what all the army had seen. His fiery love, that is what motivated the army to give so much love away. That is what will power this army of goodness and love.

It’s time, time for the army of God to awaken. We have to understand His goodness and love. When we do experience and understand, we will be unstoppable, But until then we hap to keep believing that He is good and that His goodness will conquer anything that the world can throw down. I want to be a part of that Army and I think that you do to. Look into those fiery eyes of love and let Him change you forever.

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